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In addition to our main interest, Bigfoot, we are also interested in ghosts sightings and hauntings. It
seems as paranormal topics run closely together. In all the Sasquatch investigations I can remember
doing, at some point someone will tell us of a haunted place or nearby.
Another interest is UFOs. Now especially at night here in Central Alabama, you cant sit
outside at night and not see something float across the sky. Something for what ever the
reason you can't identify. Whether the light pattern is wrong for a plane or it just floats over
without making a sound, if your out looking for sasquatch at night, and if you're out there long
enough, you'll see something!
The photo to the far right is somewhat unusual. It is a day time
sighting of a UFO. It was captured in a photo by one of our members.
The location was in Tallapoosa County Alabama. Several Bigfoot
sightings have been made in Tallapoosa county. This is the bridge
and what remains of the old wooden covered bridge at Horseshoe
Bend National Military Park near Daviston, AL.
A UFO floating over Horseshoe
Bend National Military Park.
Closeup of UFO
This is a map of Alabama Counties.  
This will show counties with Sasquatch sightings
A Black Panther Is reported Seen In Zana
A Black Panther was reportedly spotted along the road side in the area of the swamp in Zana on Highway 22 on Wednesday
August 17, 2011. Sighting was around 11 PM. Panther was eating what looked like a road kill near the metal guard rails. Witness
said the cat had a very long tail. And it was plain to tell it was a cat. Another black panther was sighted in this area only a few
years ago. That sighting was also at night.
NOTE: Several years ago I was complying information on a book i was writing. A lady I had known all my life Mrs. Wilkins, helped me with the book.
It was my first attempt at writing. It was not for her, she had written all her life as was a well accomplished writer. She also had lived in this and the
surrounding area all her life as well. I had come across a placed called Zana and I knew nothing about it. When I asked her about the place, did she
know anything of it... her answer was yes.
According to Mrs. Wilkins at one time Zana had been a large cotton plantation. Extremely large. It was worked by poor white share croppers and
mainly slave labor. She didnt seem to want to talk a lot about it. She did tell me however that the slaves brought with them a religion called voo-doo.
It was a different, strange and scary religion to the plantation owners and the people of the area. She said black magic was practised there according
to legends and stories she'd been told as a child. Witchcraft was also supposed to be practised there. Lots of witchcraft! That there were animal
sacrifices there, or so she was told, and even rumors of human sacrifice. According to legend the area became haunted. 'But,' she said also, 'Maybe
this is just stories people made up.'  
If it is true, then maybe this explains the wrecks, the ghosts, the Sasquatch, the black  panthers, the UFOs, the noises, the sounds, the howls, (or
screams), and the eerie feelings you sometimes get when passing through Zana.
So if you pass through this track of land late at night... prehaps drive a little slower, if you have the nerve,,, and a strong heart.  You might get a
glimpse of Zana's uncertain past that now lurks in the shadows of this ancient forest land.
Phantom Log Truck Reported In Zana
I received a report of a ghostly log truck in Zana tonight, 9-5-12. The witness is credible, known him for a long time. The
encounter was just around dark. The witness, who we will call Tom, (real name on file), was driving east on Highway 22 returning
from Dadeville, Alabama, by way of New Site, Alabama.
According to his account, suddenly without noticing headlights approaching from behind, numerous running lights appeared in
his windshield rear view mirror. The lights were white and yellow, a very bright white and yellow. Tom said at first it seemed
there were a hundred running or parking lights on the vehicle. So many that he could plainly see the bumper and the head lights
on the trucks cab. He says the truck appeared to be almost on his bumper! And from out of no where. This was some where
between the old Zana School and Chappel Road. Along the same area where a cross has been placed for many years where a
local family lost a family member at that time in a some what freak accident there.
Around the cross location the truck pulled quickly into the west bound lane and Tom said he saw headlights approaching over a
small hill. The 18 wheeler he said came around him as any truck might, but usually a large truck like this will wait until the passing
lane is completely clear, not this time.
Weather was hot and muggy and Tom's driver's side window was down. He saw the lights of the 18 wheeler coming along side in
his side rear view mirror. Then the cab came along side him... there was no sound!
Tom said he listened for the roar of the desiel engine you always hear as one of these massive vehicle come by. But there was
NO engine noise. Always there is the sound of the air being released as the air brakes let off air to re adjust... none. There is
always tire noise and wind noise. Not this tiome, only SILENCE!
There was lights all the way down the trailer and too many lights on the rear end as Tom recalled. But swiftly and easily the rig
passed him, went 25 to 30 feet in front of him and then merged back into its lane. A few moments later the vehicle lights Tom saw
approaching came safely by.
The truck was a little ways in front of Tom at this point and Tom says he remembered he had gone well by Chappel Road. The 18
wheeler would have been nearing the curve. At this point the 18 wheeler disappeared! Vanished into thin air. Tom now sped up,
not sure exactly what he'd just seen. Had the truck ran off the road and wrecked in the curve? In seconds Tom was going
through the curve. He should have been able to see the rig up ahead on the long straight away, nothing, empty road. Just a little
ways up the road is a bridge and a road that turns to the right, Tom sped by the road, Germany's Ferry Road, and looked up the
road for the truck and trailer, nothing.
This photo is an enlargement of the Photo on the Front & Recent Sightings
page.  As I  have studied this picture, I noticed the cats eyes looked white,
whiter than normal. If you have read the article on the Medicine Hat Horse,
on Creek Indian Medicine Page, you see a similarity in the horses and the
cats eyes. To the Indians, this cat with 'sky eyes' would be a totem animal, a
spirit animal and would have special powers just as the medicine hat
horse.  Just my thoughts, but hopefully something for you to think about as
well... What do you think?
Alabama Bigfoot Society
This illustration comes from a sighting in the early
spring of 2012. This Sasquatch was seen running
across a dirt road in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.
The witnesses stopped and noticed that it had ran
from another broken tree on the opposite side of
the road. It ran directly to this broken tree and
stopped for a few seconds looking at them. I now
believe the broken trees may serve as trail
markers for them.
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How To Tell Who's Who In Hummingbirds
A few days ago I was in Wetumpka, Al, meeting with the owner of Concreatures,
Rita Newton, one of our new members there. She had several Hummingbird
feeders and they were all full of these beautiful little birds. As we stood outside
watching and talking about them, one zoomed between us! Very close to both our
heads. 'That was a female, ' she said. "How can you tell the difference?' I asked.
According to Rita, here's how.....
Once she pointed out the difference, it is
quite simple. It's all in the throat. The
females are white. The males have the red
throat. The males are the mean ones too,
alway chasing away the others. I enjoy
watching the ones that live in my yard.
Counties With Reported
Bigfoot Sightings
Updated August 8, 2013
The Psychic Knights Haunting Investigation
Recently our ghost investigation team completed an extended investigation into a local haunting. They are
compiling their findings report and we will have that report on here in the next few days.
Tuscaloosa Panther May Have 'Sky Eyes' !
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