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Things To Look For If You're Looking For Sasquatch
I have the same question asked me all the time... 'What kind of marks or signs do I look for in an area where there may be Bigfoot?'
Over the years that I have investigated this phenomenon, I have found there are several signs that repeat themselves. Then of course sasquatch
like us humans, has his or her own traits. Sometimes these little differences will come out... you'll notice them if you stay in one area long
enough investigating one or one group. In the following section I have listed a few of the signs I have come across over the years.
The Broken Tree....sometimes called The Snapped Tree

This is a sign I find quite often. I believe it is common to all Bigfoot. Of course when in
the                woods you will find trees similar to this. Sometimes it is caused from the tree
simply dying and          it rotting, breaking and falling in this manor. Sometimes a strong
wind will break a tree. But             here is what to look closely for.
(1). First and foremost look for tracks on the ground next to and around the tree.
(2). Did the tree look dead and it simply broke here? If there appears no sign of
the                                 tree having rotted, then this is a good sign of Sasquatch.
(3). At the point of breakage, does it appear to have been twisted to some degree when it
was                   broken? Many times it will appear to have been held tightly and twisted into.
(4). Always look for hairs that might have become caught by the bark. It is a good idea to
look                 for teeth and claw marks or fingernail marks as well.
The Photo above was made in Randolph
County Alabama in March of 2006. The
point of breakage is about 6 feet from the
ground. This I have found common in
broken trees. They range in a distance
from about 4 feet to over 7.5 feet. This one
is pointed northwest. I am not sure if this
is a boundary marker, territory marker, or
trail marker. But it is to my belief, if there
are Sasquatch in the area, this broken tree
sign will be found.
Broken Tree Photographed In
Randolph Co., Alabama, March 2006
The Photo to the left was made in Tallapoosa
County Alabama in the Fall of 2007. The point
of breakage is just under 4 feet from the
ground. Notice that all these trees are broken
at he same height and pointed in the same
direction, west. In this location several
Sasquatch have been sighted over the years by
numerous witnesses. In 2007 this was a hot
spot! I and another member spent countless
days and nights in this area and were amazed
at what we found! Since then logging has
destroyed much of the landscape here and I
am sure has disrupted the lives of many
Sasquatch in this location.
Broken Tree Photographed In
Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, Fall 2007
Bigfoot Society
The Bent Tree

This is another sign I find quite often. I too believe it is common to all Bigfoot.
This occurrence can be blamed on extremely hot weather as sometime saplings
will bend over similar to this in the hot summer months especially down south as
humidity adds to the heat making it a steamy, and deadly heat. Ice storms in
winter can leave this same sign in the woods. But look for the tip of the tree, the
very top leaves and tiny branches. They will sometimes be pushed a few inches
into the ground. This is not done by nature. If the top of the tree is pushed down
under leaves and dirt, something or someone did it.
This particular tree was found in Zana, near where Mr. Cox found the driftwood
Sasquatch face. Emuckfaw Creek would be approximately 1.5 miles from this
location. I am not sure if this formation is a boundary marker or a trail
marker... or something else. Let me explain...
This bent tree was found several hundred yards into the woods of Zana in Tallapoosa Co., Alabama. Zana has always been noted and said to be a
haunted place. It is suppose to be a place where witches and strange creatures reside. But be that as it may, under this bent tree was mounded dirt.
It was then completely covered with pine straw. The pine straw appeared to be 2.5 to 3 inches thick. Atop the pine straw was small trees, sapling,
and a few pine limbs. To top that off was two boards from a building somewhere. The closest building around this area would be several miles away.
You could easily identify them as boards. You can see one of them in the photo between the first and second pine beginning on the left. The other
board was smaller. But what gave me somewhat of a chill and makes me wonder just how close to humans these creatures may be was the design
that a small sapling and one of the boards made... it was a cross! Look closely between the first two trees and you will see it. A perfect cross, the
Christian symbol used to mark countless graves! Is that what this is? A grave? Is the bent tree a grave marker? A tomb stone if you will? I don't
know. But we didn't disturb the site. There could have been Sasquatch in the area watching us. I know I have been watched before while on location
during an investigation. And if in fact this was a Sasquatch grave... There was no way I would disturb it!
Bent Tree Photographed In Tallapoosa Co., Alabama
Unusual Formations

This is something you'll need to be on the lookout for, and over time, you'll find plenty of unusual looking
formations of trees, limbs, even sometimes rocks. What you'll be looking for is anything that couldn't
have possibly fallen that way in nature. Anything that looks out of place.
In the photo to the left was a large dead tree. It had been carried to this location for somewhere else.
There was no stump close by that this tree came from. Then at a 90 degree angle to the bottom, larger,
dead tree was a small pine laid on top. This is some kind of marker, boundary, direction or trail.
Photographed in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, 1999
Piled or Stacked Formations

In certain areas these are quite common. They too are markers of some kind. All will not look exactly
like this, some will have more trees stacked in them. Also if they have been constructed by a Sasquatch,
they wont be trees that have simply fallen over in this formation. Look closely at the ground under each
tree. If a sasquatch did this, there'll be no stump under the tree.
These two photos are of the same formation.
Notice in the left photo the bent tree over the longer one
near the ground.
The photo on the right is for better view of the ground
Both trees are pointed in the same direction.
Photos made March 2006, Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Stacked Rock

In July of 2006 we were contacted by a person saying they'd found piles of rock that were possibly stacked this way by Bigfoot. We investigated and
found that there had been sightings of sasquatch in the area. Whether these are in fact work by a Sasquatch, we cannot definately say, as we nor the
person reporting this find didn't actually see who or what did this. However, similar rock piles have been found in other locations where Bigfoot is
known to have been.
Rock pile in a clearing.
Were these rocks stacked
by the hand of a Sasquatch?
Close up of rock pile
Although hard to see in
this photo, this is a trail
we found in the area of
the rock piles.
At a point along the trail
we found this stack of rock!
These were large rocks, if
one person could manage
them, they couldn't carry
them far. There were no
other rocks like this in the
surrounding area. They had
to be carried to this spot.
This is another rock pile found along this same
trail, maybe a mile from the other stack. I
decided to put my hat on the pile for judging
the size of the rocks. We found no other stones
this size in the area.
Also in the previous photo you can judge the
size of the stones according to the trees.
Alabama Bigfoot Society
All Photographs and descriptions belong to Jim Smith and are accurate to the best of his knowledge.
Please include County and nearest town in your report
Dedicated To Research And To The Preservation Of This Creature And It's Habitat