Alabama Bigfoot Society
Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Alabama Bigfoot
Society website. We are right now a small group, but
everyone and everything has to start somewhere.  So first of
all let me tell you a little about myself and what is being
planned for the site and the society in the future.
I became interested in this elusive creature in 1971 while in
high school here in East Central Alabama. I was 15 at the
time. It seems that year we people in this area had one or
more of these creatures roaming the woods in a fairly large
area. There were multiple sightings over several months and
I saw this giant, hairy, 'non existent' creature for myself !
More than once !
I'll detail this more later and it is in the first booklet I did on
Bigfoot, 'Bigfoot Sightings of East Central Alabama.'
However at 58 years old I am still just as interested in Sasquatch as I was 43 years ago,
maybe more. Since my first sighting, I have spent numerous hours in the field investigating
sighting reports. I have listened to countless witnesses relive their own encounter, or
encounters. I have documented reports and now have 5 booklets I have written on the
Now I get into the wooded areas of sightings very little. I regret that and it makes me sad not
to be able to jump in the Jeep and take off to God knows where when some one calls me
with a hot sighting. But I go where I can. I can always listen to a sighting report.
So now I and some of the members will be busy here posting stories, drawings, and photos
of encounters. Soon there will be information on how you can join our little group and attend
Dedicated To Research And Preservation Of This Creature And It's Habitat
The Famous Patterson Bigfoot

Captured on film Oct. 20, 1967
in northern California.
We're A No-Kill Group
At the top of most pages here I have, 'Dedicated To The Research And Preservation Of This Creature And It's Habitat'. This
means I don't intend to kill or try to kill, or go along with any one who wants to take one of these creatures lives. I know this
feeling comes from my Indian blood. I have read that the word, '
Sasquatch' is a Native American Indian word that means,
'keeper of the forest or keeper of the mountain'. Indians believe the Sasquatch is also a spiritual creature. I have no doubt
they are real. And at 58  years old, I don't care whether any one believes me, or  believes articles on this site. There are a
hell of a lot of things I've seen and heard that I don't believe in. But if some one else does, I don't care, Hell,  believe
anything you want or don't believe anything you want.  

I personally feel I am one of their few true friends, I feel they know this because they are extremely psychic. Believe that or
not, I don't care.
Hopefully should someone  come in  contact with a sasquatch they wont be able to kill it.
Personally  I believe that Sasquatch has been here since the beginning of time. It has always been here and should
always have a place among us. It has just as much the right to live here as you and I !
I have no control over the actions of others or other members or future members of ABS (Alabama Bigfoot Society) but I
would hope they too will not want to kill one except in the event of attack by one. ABS as long as I live will be a NO-KILL

I may be wrong, but I believe as things are currently, Bigfoot will never be proven to exist. The purpose of this site is not
to prove it exist. It is for people who believe it does exist  to have a place to  tell their stories or encounters to someone
who will not ridicule them. It is for like minded people, believers, to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and theories of
this creature. As the old saying goes, somewhat to the effect, ,,,,

If you believe, you need no proof or evidence....
                                          If you don't believe, no proof or evidence is enough to convince you.
Jim Smith
Alabama Bigfoot Society
Logging Always Brings Bigfoot Out Of The Woods!
About Us
There was for a few months here in Alabama, that apparently fuel prices went so high that the
logging business almost shut down. At least it seemed that way here in east Alabama. And come
to think of it, so did Bigfoot sighting reports. As I have on the front page of this site, we
received no reports for some time, then BAM! just over night the reports started coming in
What had happened I wondered? But it dawned on me quite clear as the trains of log trucks
rolled by my house 24 hours a day.... Gas prices had gone under $3.00 a gallon for the first time
in years!
I don't know what diesel cost, I don't buy it. But they must be giving it away these days because once again, dead trees fill the
roadways on back of these mechanical monsters. And so once again, Bigfoot is being ran from his homes, his hunting lands, his
water supplies. Sasquatchs have no alternative but move to lands not being cut. Those lands becoming harder and harder to find.
So they are seen crossing roads, running across pastures, coming up closer to human houses and many time frightening the
homeowners. To the point where I have received reports where the home owner called the local law enforcement, then only to be
laughed at.
I know we need the logging industry. But just how much paper can we use? Has anyone but me ever heard of recycling paper??!!  
What will happen when the last tree is cut? Where will all the deer hunters in my area find deer to hunt? Most of the deer hunters
being loggers as well. Deer wont stand in open clear cut forest lands. They'll either die or move on.  That's probably what will
happen with Bigfoot, die or move on.         I hope not.
I would like to see more forest land set aside for wilderness use only. Not development.
We have enough of that already.

As I sit on my front porch and these hundreds of trucks fill the roads I wonder also,
where do all these trees come from?
But I know, if we could talk to a Sasquatch, it would be able to tell us exactly where they
come from...his home!
Bigfoot Is Not a Monkey,
Not A North American Ape
Before we get started, let me add that this is
my opinion on the creature. I believe it correct,
you may differ. Never the less, it is my opinion
and we all know what Clint Eastwood says
about opinions.
First let me date this article, January 30, 2013, before an 'expert' on Bigfoot gets on some late night radio talk show and says the
same thing.
In 1967, Roger Patterson made his famous Bigfoot film and afterwards cast many plaster foot prints of this creature. From that day
we have seen photos of the casts he made as well as hundreds of other researcher's photos of their casts on TV, in books, and
in magazines.
A few nights ago I was watching a clip on YouTube of a supposed Bigfoot swinging in a tree. To me this creature didn't look like a
Bigfoot and certainly seemed more agile than a Bigfoot, at least to me it did. As this creature on YouTube swung from limb to limb
it dawned on me that this things feet were not like that of a Bigfoot. Not like the tracks, photos  and casts I have seen. The
creature in the clip used its feet like they were hands. Like a monkey's feet. A monkey's feet have a thumb I guess you call it, for
holding to limbs and climbing.
Gorilla foot
Orangutan feet
Clyde's feet.
His toes are
finger like
Both photos, left and right are of
Roger Patterson displaying
plaster casts of Bigfoot feet.
Notice how they DO NOT
resemble a monkey, or apes
feet. There is no thumb and the
toes are not finger like. Compare
these casts with real human feet
in far right photo
Real Human Feet
Which does the Bigfoot casts resemble more closely? A Monkey or a humans? Remember everyone is entitled to their own
opinion. In my opinion Bigfoots feet are almost identical to human feet.
I have been researching and studying Bigfoot for almost all my life. In all the reports I have taken, and sightings I have been told of,
(and in my life time there have been 100s of stories I have listened to), I have only 2 reports of Bigfoot climbing a tree. The first was
many years ago when a man chased one with hunting dogs and found it sitting on the bottom limb of a large oak tree. He estimate
the limb to be around 10 feet in the air. Just high enough the dogs couldn't get to it and bite it. The creature probably just reached
up, grabbed the limb and pulled itself to safety from the dogs. The other report of a Bigfoot in a tree came a few months ago from
Jefferson County Alabama, where an athlete  was out running and came across a small Bigfoot in a wooded area. He chased the
little Bigfoot a ways into the woods. While chasing it, on two occasions, the Bigfoot stopped and tried to climb a tree, but couldn't.
The witness said the Bigfoot seemed to awkward to climb the trees.
Bigfoots feet are not built to climb trees. They are too close to human feet. We humans can climb trees, but it is a slow process.
The more I study Bigfoot, the more human he becomes. Just how human will it turn out to be? In my opinion again they may be a lot
closer than we may think. Perhaps they are just another race of people. a race who would prefer to be left alone by humans.
One Of The Best Tee Pee Structures I've Seen!
If you keep up with us here at The Alabama Bigfoot Society, then you
know Tallapoosa County is a hot spot right now in Bigfoot sightings. My
last sighting of Sasquatch was when a friend and I were searching in an
area I call Two Braid Ridge. . A few months ago I was back in that area and
came across this structure or tee pee as it is called. In my opinion this was
a family structure because of the size.  Plenty of room here for more than
one sasquatch.  This was not the only new sign I found, but I wanted to
put it on here. It is an uncommon one, at least to me it is. Hopefully as Fall
approaches the temps will drop an we can get in the woods a little easier
and maybe find more  like this
Photo was made in Spring of 2012 around 11 AM
Bigfoot Tracks Photographed In March 2012
As you can see in the photo at left, there are large tracks in the
sand next to a large creek in east Alabama.  I know the stream
area very well and there are Bigfoot in that particular area. We
have studied these prints for several weeks, (enlarged the photo
on another computer), and in my opinion, they do appear to be
Sasquatch footprints.
However, i will not say they are 100% real, as I was not there
when the prints were made. I always keep in mind there are
hoaxers out there. The photographer who made the photo, is
very reputable and I know they didn't fake the prints. I am also
sure there are people who will recognize this bridge.
Photo was made in March of 2012.
From the road to the stream is not easy access. It would be a difficult and dangerous task to have gone down to the shore
and made better, close up photos. Water Moccasins and Timber Rattler rattlesnakes are much to common here. One could
be lurking anywhere and it is a very long ways to a medical facility from this location. About 30 miles in one direction and
around 50 miles to the next closest in the other direction. Depending on the size of the snake and the amount of venom it
used, it could easily be a fatal bite.
Interview  For Ghost Stories Book
The founder, Jim and co-founder, Dorothy were recently asked by a well known
paranormal author to conduct an interview with her for an up coming book about
ghosts she is currently working on. As usual, when they get a chance to talk
about anything paranormal, they accepted!  Several stories were discussed for
chapters in the book. Some of those ghostly stories were, 1.) of a man who was
shot and died in his home right here in Wadley, Alabama, but photos made weeks
after his death prove he still stands on his porch and watches his little girl ride
her bicycle on the sidewalk. 2.) A funeral director who was haunted for weeks by
a mother and her two sons after he buried them.  3.) A little girl & her dog who
haunt a local house and sent one family running away from home in the middle of
the night. 4.) And Jim's own encounter with his grand daughter 2 weeks after her
funeral. Their belief as to what ghosts are and why we encounter them will be
included in the book. We can't give the title for the book at this time, but we will
have that information on here as soon as it is Oked.
Book will be in stores in October. Just in time for Halloween!
Jim Smith
Alabama Bigfoot Society
Dorothy Sullivan
Alabama Bigfoot Society
The Alabama Bigfoot Society
For over 40 years I have researched and looked for this elusive creature. Literally
hundreds of days ands nights I have sat in the woods, in cemeteries, along dirt roads, in
fields and pastures, even in my front yard many years ago. Most of those nights a trusted
friend was with me. Almost anywhere nearby that we heard of a sighting, we were there
as soon as possible. We tried to endure all the weather Alabama could dish out. Many
times it paid off. At times we heard something, and on some rare occasions we saw
something. We have come very close to these creatures. Seen things you wouldn't
believe if I put it on here. I know many times they saw us and we never had a clue they
were watching us. I wonder how many times they watched us while we were looking for
them? Then I think sometimes they intensionally tried to scare us. Believe me, if they
were trying to scare us, they did! But in all the field trips we have made so far, there were
only 2 times I felt we might be in danger. Overall, it is my opinion, they are almost human.
A pre-human primate, for lack of a better term. . What ever they are, I will call them a
friend. I like the illustration and would hope someday it will become a real photograph.
I think I'll call the drawing, 'A Friend Yet To Meet'.
The Alabama Bigfoot Society Is Funded Totally Out Of Pocket
If you enjoy this website , have feelings for or have admiration for this creature, we ask that, if you can and would like to
make a donation to the site, please do so. There are people who wish to forever keep the truth about the existence of
Sasquatch hidden, concealed from the public. If his existence is proven it could cost them millions if not billions of
dollars yearly...while they destroy the land, the water, the climate, and destroy Bigfoots homes,  hunting grounds  and
families.  What is more important to you? Keeping politicians and big business wealthy and possibly soon seeing a real
living being go extinct?... totally disappear from the face of the earth? As you know, it takes money and equipment to do
anything. That is what it will take to finally prove Bigfoot does roam the forest of not just Alabama, but the world. Any
and all donations are appreciated, money and/or equipment.
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