What Is This Indian Doing ?
This Indian is preforming a religious ceremony or ritual to The Great Spirit. It is a special, a humble and sacred
time for him. Almost everything in the picture has a special meaning and significance. These are my opinions
and interpretations from the studies I have done. Keep in mind, different things have different meaning to
different tribes.

To begin with let's look to the Heavens, there is a full moon in the sky. It could be the sun, but many rituals are
preformed best at night. Remember in school you were taught that the moon has great influence over the
oceans, the water and tides. We were also taught that our bodies are mainly made up of water, over 90%. If our
body is that much water, then the moon should have an influence on our body. Especially a full moon. So a full
moon is a powerful time to preform a ritual to The Great Spirit.

The four elements are present, air, which is all around him..., earth The mountains in the back ground and
where he stands..., fire,he has built a small fire..., and water either a lake, or river in the back ground. These
elements are believe to be the building blocks of the earth and universe.

His arms are extended up ward. When your arms are at this position, you are gesturing that you surrender. He
is surrendering himself to the will of The Great Spirit. He will do as The Great Spirit leads him.

He wears little clothing. He wants nothing to come between himself and God. He has nothing to hide from the
Great Spirit. He bears his soul to The Great Creator. For God knows all in his life long before he tells Him.
He has built a fire before him and it produces smoke. Indians believe that smoke carries your prayers to heaven.

His loin cloth, necklace boots and arm bands contain symbols. The symbols have special meaning and power to him. Therefore he wears them at
this special time.

He stands on the highest mountain in the picture. By standing here he is closer to God, The Great Spirit.

The arrow in his hand has special meaning as well. When the arrow is shot into the air it goes close to God. The arrow is straight and narrow, so is
the path to Heaven. I will discuss the medicine of the arrow later.

He wears feathers he has been awarded for accomplishments in his life. Each feather has a purpose and meaning.

He looks to the Heavens, the home of The Great Creator and hopes for an answer to his prayers. A vision to
teach him something he has prayed about. If it is time for the meaning to be let known to him, he will see it.
Many time the answer to prayers will come in the shape of the passing clouds. However this must be
interpreted either by himself or the medicine man or prophet.

(At Right)
I myself have preformed ceremonies or rituals like this. I have been totally amazed at the results! The
position of your arms in this ceremony has meanings. The Indian in the top picture is in 'I Surrender To The
Great Spirit'. My position at right is "I Open My Heart To The Great Spirit, I Have Nothing To Hide'.
Medicine of the Racoon
Recently three raccoons have been visiting a friend of mines yard every night.   This is a very
powerful totem animal as you will see.
Raccoon is closely related to the bear so a study of Bear medicine will go closely with raccoon.  
The main magic of a raccoon is its mask. Raccoon teaches you to be anyone or any thing you
wish to be with the use of mask. Not a real mask, but by masking your real self when need be to
become  someone new, different. According to the situation when you want to be some one other
than your self.  We all act different in different situations, such as at work, at home, around your
boss or some one new. This is in a sense using a mask to be who you need be at the time.
Raccoon is good at adapting to any thing that comes along in life. If Raccoon has shown up in your life, ask yourself, are you considering a
change? Has life changed suddenly for you? Raccoons hands are very agile, therefore many people with this totem work with their hands and can
be artists of one kind or the other. Raccoon loves water and wash their food often. Eating fruits and vegetables will benefit anyone with Raccoon
totem. When raccoon shows up as a totem for you, it is not for a short term. Raccoon is one of the life time totems.
Creek Indian Medicine
Stone Carving of
Red Eagle
Along Dudleyville

About 5 miles north
of Dadeville,
I have studied Native American beliefs for sometime.
This page is my interpretation of those beliefs

Creek Indian Beliefs, Religion, and Medicine.
I became interested in the Creeks and all Indians beliefs
several years ago and have studied them for some time now.
They literally fascinate me and I now practise many of their
rituals and ceremonies. (I'll explain more of that soon).  My
beliefs I will express here may not be of all tribes, but it has
been my findings that not all tribes believed in the exact same
thing. Thoughts varied as they do now in the Christian religion. I
have been totally amazed at how close many, many things are in
Creek, and other Native American religion that closely resemble
Christian beliefs. I will have and compare many of them on this
page in the future.

Please be patience and come back often
The title of this page is 'Creek Indian Medicine'. How many times have you watched a western movie and heard
the actors mention the word medicine when referring to the Indians? Today medicine refers to a drug usually
prescribed by your doctor for some ailment. Medicine makes you feel and get better from a sickness. Indian
Medicine is similar. It too can be a potion used to heal, but most of the time it refers to something a little
different. I'll try to explain....
To the Indian the meaning of the word medicine refers to
anything that improves one connection to The Great
Spirit. Anything that improves ones life. This includes the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Medicine is
anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding. Medicine too is the constant living of life in
a way that brings healing to the Mother earth and to all our associates, family, and fellow creatures.
What Is Indian Medicine ?
What Is A Totem Animal ?
All animal have different characteristics and from animals you can learn lessons that will help you in your path of life on earth.
The Hawk is my main totem animal. Let me tell you just a little about it. Hawk is a little different from other totem animals
because once it chooses you, it is one of the totems you will have for life. Hawk never leaves you. This is one of Hawks traits.
Once a Hawk has chosen a mate, it remains with that same hawk for the rest of their lives. Hawk teaches patience. Hawk will
sit in a tree, atop a power pole or line for hours on end observing, watching a field he is hunting. Hawk has keen eyesight. Just
the slightest movement is seen by this bird. This teaches you to watch things and people around you closely. Be observant.
And most importantly, Hawk is a messenger from God, The Great Spirit. Hawk flies between the worlds and will bring
messages from the Creator. There is much more to the Hawk that these traits but if a Hawk has come into your life ask
yourself these questions, he will help you answer them. Is my life in a rut? Do i simply go about my life each day not noticing
the things and people around me? Am I too impatience? Do I not see the forest for the trees?
Another of my totems is the coyote. He too has keen eyesight and keen hearing. As the Hawk teaches, be observant, but
listen to what is said and sometimes what is not said, Read between the lines. Coyotes live in packs. This means a family and
family life is important to them and should be to you. In the life of the coyote, when pups are born to one pair of coyotes, if
something should happen to one or both of them, the other coyotes will take in and raise the orphan pups. This was true to
the Indian as well. Coyote is also known as a trickster and adapts well to any and all situations. If you've been seeing a lot of
coyotes ask your self.... Am I spending enough time with my spouse and children, or even your girlfriend or boy friend? Am I
slacking on my family duties? This applies to Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, all family members. Do I try to solve problems
rather than create them? Is someone playing a trick on me? Are things as they seem?

So a Totem Animal is an animal that chooses you for whatever the reason and teaches you

Acquiring a totem animal is something that takes time. Over your life time, you will have many different totem animals. Some
will remain with you for your entire life, some will come and go as you need them. Most most importantly, as you will learn if
you  are sincere about totem animals, is that ...
the animal chooses you, you do not choose it.

No matter how bad you may want a particular animal as a totem, if it is not to be, let it go, accept who comes to you. And if you
open yourself to them, believe me, they will come!
There is too much information on Totem Animals to put on this website. There are numerous Totem sites on the web.
Just do a search on
'totem animal'   One of my favorite totem sites is   www.linsdomain.com
Water Blessing Ceremony/Ritual For Infants and Children Book
Water is the basic building block of life or so we are taught in science class. Without water
there can be no life on earth. Water gives life, refreshes, restores, and cleanses. The
Creek Prophet poured water over himself in effort to be as clean as possible when talking
to, and standing before The Great Spirit. To the Christian, water washes away your sins
and brings forgiveness from God.
I designed this booklet in a way easy to understand and read when you preform this
blessing ceremony on infants and children. In todays world they certainly need all the
help, guidance and protection they can get! Book is written so you can place the name of
the child in the blank spaces provided. Book is paperback so you can carry it and read
from it as you preform the ceremony.
(I'll get a better photo of the book soon),

The First Rain of Spring
Water is one of the four elements and is a very important one at that. Water gives life. In the spring, planting
time, we must have the warmth from the sun and the water from the rains for our gardens to grow. The correct
amount of each makes our plants healthy and grow strong and fast.  I guess because of that my grandfather's
reasoning for everyone to get outside and get wet in that first spring rain was so important to him.
I remember spending a few weeks during the summer at my grandparents each year. One of the things i learned
and remember very well was getting out side, running and playing in the first rain of the spring. Sometimes it
came a day or so after the 21st of March. On few occasions it was several weeks after the Spring Equinox, and
there was those times it rained on the 21st. That was the best and most powerful rain according to my
Grandfather! Everyone, I mean everyone had to get a little, if not a lot of that first spring rain on them.
His belief was sincere, and to him this rain was magical, enchanting, and a must
for your health the coming year! You had to get a few drops on your skin, whether
it was your hands, arms, head, face, it didnt matter where, but you had to be
touched by the rain drops somewhere on your body. The first rain mean health,
energy, strength... just general well being for the coming year. My grandfather
was the oldest, well into his 70s when i was a youth. But from him all the way down
to the new born baby, some of this magical rain must touch your skin. Now all the
children loved his belief, we were all quite ready to get soaked. We ran, laughed,
danced, shouted, and even jumped up and down in the newly formed mud holes
while we were getting our yearly rain cleansing. Some of the adults were a little
slower getting off the porch and getting a little speckled by the raindrops. But you
know, everyone did... and now come to think of it, we all seemed to feel better,
everyone was smiling and in such a great mood after the little ritual. Grandmother
always held back and seems grandfather had to pull her off the porch, but then
they'd dance a round a little. Grandfather would sing a little made up song as he
swung her around and around. We children had the biggest laugh at them, He was
singing and both were dancing. My father who always wore a hat or cap would
loose it for a few moments as the rain came down and drenched his bald head. I
guess the rain had a magical effect on him as well, he would chase us kids, run
through the puddles too, and act as childish as we did for a while.
We always had a dog and cat or two in those days and if they could be caught
they too were dragged into the rain. Holding a cat that's getting wet is a job in
itself!, But it was fun back then.
A bucket was always put in the eve of the house where the watter ran off. Some
of this enchanted rain was kept for those who didn't or weren't able to get out
and get wet. It was also kept to sprinkle us a little if we got sick, (the children
anyway) there was healing power in this water or so grandfather said.
Hopefully you were in the first spring rain. If you weren't this year, be sure to
experience this wonderful refreshing custom next year.
My Grandmother & Grandfather

It was in this backyard everyone  
got their Spring Rain Cleansing
Glass of the first rain of
spring, 2014
The Arrow has much medicine. First, after the Indian had learned to make bows and arrows, they now had a
way to bring home fresh meat. Fresh meat was healthier than eating the meat of a dead carcass they found
that might have been dead for days. So arrow improved food and health.
Arrow tells us that no matter how great any struggle is of any challenge, your 'Warrior Nature' has the strength
to meet and conquer the obstacle! Arrow may call on you to do something that will call for great bravery on
your part... to accomplish a task you thought impossible. Arrows tells you to aim high in your goals.
Arrow teaches us to connect with the 'Warrior Self' who is willing to take action and bring truth to light.  
Warrior Self is
always courageous and willing to face all truths even when they hurt. Warrior Self teaches how
truth can heal.
Arrow teaches us to know our target, our goal. Then take careful aim so as to hit the bulls eye, not just hit the target, but hit the
bulls eye! Arrow tells us to shoot straight with others in our daily dealings. Arrows path is straight, swift, and silent. Arrow
teaches us to never stray from the path that is right. Do not wobble from those things you know are right.
As the Bible teaches, the path to Heaven is straight and narrow. So is the arrow. Arrow can fly high. Set your life's goals high as
well. Because arrow flies high into the sky, it get close to The Great Spirit. Arrow tells you to do that also. Arrow flies close to
The Great Spirit and it teaches for us to look to The Great Spirit for guidance. Arrow then comes down to earth bringing The
Great Spirit's message to us. So will His message come to us.
Thus is my interpretation of Arrow Medicine from my studies
Red Beads
Every year at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park there is a reenactment  of the Battle. Actually this
event happens twice a year there, once in the spring and once in the fall. It was at one of those
events that I noticed all the Creek Indians were wearing a strand of red beads. The place was quite
crowded on this particular afternoon and everytime I would strike up a conversation with one of the
reenactors, some other people would walk up and start talking so I never got a good chance to ask
them what the beads meant or symbolized. I did the research myself when I got home that night.
To the Creek Indians red symbolized victory. They were called the 'Red Sticks', because a red stick
was their symbol for war. The Creeks by the way were the most fearsome and hostile tribe in the
southeast. Red also symbolized success in any venture. As in my book, 'The Ghosts Of Horseshoe
Bend', the night Red Eagle accepted war chief at the War Council held on the High Ground at
Horseshoe Bend, he wore a red head dress with a red feather, and red leggings. Even his war name,
Red Eagle, contained the word 'red' and a Red Eagle is actually a Red Hawk.
Medicine of The Arrow
The Creeks painted their war clubs red to insure victory and a swift kill to their enemies. Many of
their hunting tools were painted red as well. The red beads were also used to conjure the Red Spirit
who was to insure a long life and a swift recovery from sickness. Red was a symbol of power to the
The red beads also symbolize the Red Path of Life. That being, believing in one God, The Great Spirit
and I have also read that is represents the belief after some Indians were converted to Christianity,
the red beads represent the blood of Christ.
There may be more meaning of the red beads than I have here. Things I haven't come across yet. But
no doubt the Creeks believed  the Red Beads have much power in them.
You can purchase a strand of these beads. Strand is approximately 33 inches
Beads are aprox. 1/4 inch in diameter. Plastic Beads
Wear them to Pow Wows, your own personal ceremonies or
every day, as I do.
Price....................... $9.99
shipping &

There's Nothing Like The Great Outdoors
I feel as if my Native American Indian ancestry is the reason i feel the way I do about the
outdoors and being in nature. To me,  there is no way to feel closer to The Great Spirit than
being outdoors within His creation. To a child, lying within the arms of its mother is a safe,
calming, assuring, peaceful place to be. It is the same with Mother Earth. After all, Mother Earth
is our spiritual mother, it was from her that our Heavenly Father created each of us and
everything throughout the universe.
Over the past few years I have spent many hours reading, studying, and researching my Indian ancestry and heritage. It has been
fascinating to learn what i have. Their ceremonies, their rituals, (which I now practise many of).  LateIy I have began coming in
contact with other people who too have discovered their Indian backgrounds as well. I have learned this lesson... things or people
come to you only when the time is right. If The Great Spirit doesn't want and event to occur in your life at a particular time, then it will
not! He has a plan for every one and everything.
I believe, or I should say I know my Indian blood is the reason for my love of nature.  I now refer to myself as a naturalist or naturist.
All the plants, the animals and the minerals I believe have a spirit within them. As I grew up I remember my grand parents and older
members of the community telling a few stories of the Creek Indians that lived here. Not many, only a few. And at one time there
were many Indians in this area. I do collect artifacts such as arrowheads, stone tools, pieces of pottery sometimes, and occasionally
there'll be a corn grinder or something similar.I used to love hunting for them, but now days health problems prevent me from
searching the creeks and fields where I once spent many Sunday afternoons. Oh but the memories are fantastic!
But perhaps that was The Great Spirits plan all along. In my youth, search and find all these things. In my
older age, learn the ways, beliefs, and religion of the Indian. Now do the website, do the booklets, learn
the ceremonies, preform them and share my findings with others. Believe me, the ceremonies and
rituals have more power outdoors, in nature! With the help of The Great Spirit and Big Brother, (Jesus), i
have accomplished much in my circle of life. I have been on TV two times concerning paranormal topics,
TV-33 La Grange, GA., have written several booklets on ghosts, Bigfoot, and children story books, Have
had articles published by FATE Magazine.  And hopefully there is more to accomplish.
The Spirit Of The Hawk
Hawk is my main totem animal.
The following is a true story about Hawk greeting me, guiding me, and watching me on a
recent trip to
Holy Ground State Park in Alabama.
Before we get into the details of my adventure and visit to Holy Ground, let me tell you
briefly what Holy Ground is.
The location of Holy Ground State Park is about 2 miles north of present day Whitehall,
Alabama, in Lowndes County. It lies about half way between Montgomery and Selma.
According to park officials the actual location of the Holy Ground is on the north side
of the Alabama River. The park is in the location of the village that was there. The
village was where the profits wives, children and other warriors lived. Holy Ground  
was the home of the Creek Profits and no one was allowed to set foot on the Holy
Ground except the profits. The ground was and still is to this day said to hold super
natural powers! It was a mysterious, magical and mystical place.

Today the reason the park is located across the river from The Holy Ground in the village, is because this is still considered a sacred
place to the Creek Indian Nation. According to Alabama state and federal law, there can be no disturbance of the land at Holy Ground.
And in my personal studies and research I have came across information that to me leads to believe there is a Biblical reference to
Holy Ground.
The word for Holy Ground in the Creek Language is 'Econochaca'.... (pronounced,  ' E-ko-nock-a-ka ' )
There is reference in the Bible of a man who the Bible claims,,, 'walked with God...'  This man was named Enoch
                              Compare the spelling....

In Genesis it claims that, ' Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him'...(meaning God took him to heaven before he
died). This to me means he is exceptionally holy because in the Book Of Enoch it says he was carried into heaven where the angels
taught him the all the secrets and mysteries of the universe. The word Enoch means Initiated. Enoch lived 365 years, sound familiar?
There are 365 days in a year. Enoch was the father of Mathuselah and great grandfather of Noah.
There are legends and stories in the Mayan and other Native American cultures of a mysterious bearded, light skin man who visited
the Indians and taught them 'secrets of the universe' who came from the sky! Could this have been Enoch? It is very possible it was!
Now to the suffix 'aca' or 'ica'. ... according to Wikitionary, the online dictionary. It is a Latin suffix from Hebrew meaning 'related to' or
'belonging to'. (pertaining to the Jews, their culture or religion, particularly ritual objects). So does 'Econochaca mean 'related or
belonging to Enoch?'  It may very well mean that and that would account for the land having 'supernatural powers!'
And something to speculate... Christopher Columbus named America, (Amer
ica), after a friend of his, or so I was taught in school,
Amerigo Vespucci. So does America mean related to Amerigo, belongs to Amerigo, Land of Amerigo or place of Amerigo?
If so could Econochaca mean something similar as related to Enoch,   belongs to Enoch,     Land of Enoch,   or place of Enoch ?

                               Just a little something for thought....
A History Of The Battle
It was not long after the Ft. Mims attack that Red Eagle and many of his warriors went to an Indian strong hold town called Holy
Ground. The Indian profits claimed this was a safe place for all Indians but not for the white man. They said if any white man sat foot
on Holy Ground, he would fall dead immediately! Even so, Red Eagle was a wise chief, and he decided to build a fort there.
On December 23, 1813 Gen. Claiborne with an army of about 1000 soldiers attacked the fort. Claiborne divided his men into two
sections, a side attack group and a center attack group. With the aid of the Great Choctaw Warrior and Chief Pushmatah and his war
party the Creeks were attacked from 3 sides.
It was short time until the Creeks saw they were out manned and out gunned on this day. They began retreating down the banks to
the river. Hurrying to escape, the brave Creeks carried their wounded warriors with them. Red Eagle continued shooting and
fighting the soldiers but as the army swiftly charged the center of the town he knew he had to make his escape now or be killed or
captured by his enemy. And then he did something that made him even more courageous and famous!
Holding his rifle in one hand and
Arrows mane & reins in the
other, Red Eagle and Arrow hit
the waters of the Alabama River
with a thunderous impact!
At last Red Eagle was alone. He would not leave until all his men were gone. It was now time
for him to retreat! With rifle in hand he ran as fast as he could toward his large, beautiful gray
horse Arrow. He leaped onto the horses back, turned him toward the river and took off at full
speed. From three sides the soldiers and Choctaws rushed toward him. He could hear the rifle
balls as they zinged past him and Arrow. As they reached the high bank of the river Red Eagle
pulled the reins and Arrow came to a sliding stop inches from the edge.
He touched the reins to Arrows neck and in an instant the horse had turned 180 degrees. Red
Eagle looked to the advancing army. He raised his rifle over his head then leaned his head
deep to Arrows neck. With that Arrow charged toward the soldiers. Much to their surprise!
They thought he was attacking them but after a distance of about 30 feet Arrow sat down on
his hind legs and slid to another stop. As if the horse already knew what was expected of him,
he turned again toward the river. He held his head high. Red Eagle leaned forward, and so the
soldiers testified, whispered something into the horses ear. When he did this, according to
the soldiers, the horse took a giant leap and ran faster than any horse they'd ever seen
toward the river.
Red Eagle's legs were locked tight around the horses sides, his heels dug deep to its rib
cage. When the horse reached the cliff, he never slowed, he jumped or sprang into the air as
if he were going to fly! At that instant Red Eagle let out a war cry, "Ho-ya! -- Ho-yaaaaa!" as they
descended to the water. Seeing this the soldiers raced to the cliff. They were astonished as
horse and rider impacted the surface of the water and disappeared beneath. A gigantic splash
of water rose from the river.
The soldiers knew this was the death of Red Eagle.  It seemed as minutes passed to the soldiers, but it was more than likely only a
few moments, but ... but Red Eagle surfaced just a little ways down river! Then almost at the same instant, Arrows head popped from
the water as well! It looked as if they swam to each other. The soldiers could hardly believe what they were witnessing.
Red Eagle swam to his horse. He mounted Arrow in the water of the Alabama River. Arrow began to swim toward the far shore as if
again he knew what to do. As they swam toward safety Red Eagle raised his rifle over his head. Although Red Eagle was the soldiers
enemy, they now had much respect and admiration for him. They now begin to shoot at them again. A barrage of musket balls
splattered the waters around Red Eagle and Arrow. Not one bullet hit either of them. They both escaped unharmed.
As they rode out of the river Red Eagle and Arrow paused on the far shore next to the tree line. He turned to the soldiers and
raised his rifle. He let out another war cry. Then like the wind they rode off into the forest and disappeared like a ghost!
Tuesday April 19, 2011... Hawk's Guided Tour
View out my windshield as I enter
Holy Ground State Park
I had left home quite early for me this spring morning. And just before lunch I turned off
Highway 80 onto a small county road that would lead me to White Hall. White Hall is the
town nearest The Holy Ground Park. What would I find here? What would I see? I was
somewhat excited as I drove along thinking and wondering... Maybe, I thought, I would
experience something this day. Maybe something spiritual.
No sooner than i turned off Highway 80, i noticed two large birds circling over the county
road in front of me. They were high, not low to the ground. I pulled to the shoulder of the
road. I looked at them. They were 2 Red Tail Hawks! They appeared to be hunting as they
circled. However something seemed a little strange to me and I got a funny like feeling.
They continued circling, but moved on down the road. I grabbed my camera and tried to
make photos of them, but they were too high to get a good picture. I kept clicking the
shutter button anyway. My windshield had a crack and on some shots the sun glared, but I
kept trying, hoping for a clear shot of the 2 Red Tail Hawks.
I followed the hawks. They would fly down
the croocked little country road a ways,
circle as if waiting for me, then as I neared
them, they would go a little further down the
Then a thought came to me... 'We are
showing you the way. Follow us and don't be
I had never been here before and perhaps
they were showing me the way.
This is something I have learned from my
studies of Totem Animals, when you see  
one of your totems, open your mind and let
it tell you its message. I truly believe this
was the case.
They were somewhat patient with me as
from time to time i slowed looking at
scenery. But on three different occasions
the hawk on the left in the photo hovered. I
could see energy coming from and around
it. I knew this was a spirit totem, It was there
for me!
Three times the spirit totem Hawk
hovered in mid air.
Its wings didn't flap while it hovered.
I could tell it pulsated and I could
actually see energy coming from the
I passed through the small town of White Hall all the
while keeping one eye on the road and the other in the
sky at my two guides. I passed a large sign that read,
'Holy Ground Battlefield Park'. My two friends were
already circling about 300 yards down the road that I had
to turn onto.
I looked down the road toward a guard shack. This would
have been where the hawks were circling. I looked to
the sky to check on them and get directions...
But this time they were gone! I slowed almost to a stop searching the skies for them.
They were no where to be seen. They had disappeared. Then another thought came to
me, a communication you could call it or called by the Indians, a vision. I could see the
spirit Hawk in my mind. He hovered as I had seen him earlier and looked straight at me.
'You have reached your destination,' The hawk said.  'Today you will look upon the Holy
Ground. Many of your ancestors are near. We watch and welcome you.'
With that, he was gone.
I did spend the better part of the day here,
walking, looking, listening. I was some what
disappointed when I decided it was time to leave
that all I had seen was a brilliant white cloud that
seemed not to go away!
In the photo at right, the small bottom cloud seemed to show up everywhere I went in the
park. Other clouds moved, but this one cloud seemed not to go away. I was also
disappointed that i couldn't really see across the Alabama River to the Holy Ground. Trees
and foliage had ground up uncut for a long time it appeared and there was no view of the
bluff where Red Eagle had made his famous leap.
But when I returned home and downloaded the photos, I saw I had missed a few things!
In all today I had made about 50
pictures. Most of them showed only the
scenery at the park, but there were a
few that had a little more to offer! One
photo showed a hawks head plain in
the cloud shape. A spirit totem? Or is it
Red Eagle himself? Is he coming to me
as his main totem, the Red Eagle,
(a red tail hawk)?

I feel it was Red Eagle's spirit.
I am leaving this photo as large as I can. See if you see ghosts before you look to the next picture. Remember, ghost are not
always  solid looking as normal mortals would be, they sometimes appear fuzzy or wavy, in shadows or shadows.  
They are spirits and it takes a lot of energy for them to materialize.
The photo at the right is number 4842. The dog pictured is my
constant companion, Chico. Almost everyone who knows me,
knows Chico. The reason I have this photo on here is
because while we were there that day, Chico walked a lot
with me as he always does. Then all of a sudden, he brissels
up and begins to bark. Not his normal bark, but a growl - bark
that sounded a little scared. He pointed, i would call it and
didn't get any closer to the area across the road that is the
next picture. He acted as if he saw something or someone.
Maybe he did! Is he seeing memories from the past?
I think he did.
The next photo will be number 4843. I turned to the direction
and place he was looking at and made the next photo.
I have spotted 11, what I believe are ghosts. You may find others. Below this photo are illustrations of how the ghosts look to me.
There appears to me to be 2 ghostly spirits here. The one in front is plainly a female. She looks downward
and to the right. She appears to be wearing a traditional southern belle gown or dress. She looks like she is
sitting and the dress has bloused up in front of her. Then just behind her is a male looking spirit. He seems
very close to her. He peers over the side of her head above her left shoulder. He seems to have a mustache.
After studying this photo for several weeks now,  we feel he is trying to protect her. Reason being, he is very
close to her. Perhaps they were captives of the Indians and they fear for their lives. Perhaps they owned the
land here at a later time and died here, possibly together. And what has intrigued us is we think we know the
man! His face is very familiar! And to add a little more interest... we see him almost everyday! In this life!
(But I dont want to get into past lives right now. Are they real? Do we live and get to come back?
Here appear to be 3 spirits. Two children and one adult. They appear to me to be Indians. I dont know if it is a
man or woman adult. The child closest seems to be looking at the adult and the other child. Are they playing?
Is the child in the adults arms sick? Have they been hurt? Who knows.
This looks like to me as an Indian Brave. Plainly you can see his legs, hips, torso, chest and head. He is
standing next to a tree with possibly one arm holding a branch. His right hand is on his hip. There is
something around his neck, a necklace possibly that shines bright. A concha perhaps. He seems to be
looking directly at the camera when i made the photo.
There appear to be 3 grave markers. It looks like there are 2 crosses, the Christian symbol, marking 2
graves. To the right there seems to be a larger marker, possibly a stone. Similar to tombstones used today.
To my knowledge, Indians did not use crosses to mark graves. Had these crosses been there at the time I
made the photos, I would have surely noticed them. To me they would have been out of place. I believe they
may be phantom grave markers. (Could it be the graves of the man and woman in the #1 spot above?)
To me this appears to be a young Indian girl. She may be weaving on a loom as it looks like there is some
type frame around her. She could be drying meat from a fresh killed buck deer. She is on her knees
This looks like a young child to me with an animal of some kind behind them. Maybe its a dog and from the
position of his hand and arm the child could be feeding the animal.
This is a man sitting in the tree. Why? I do not know. Perhaps this tree has meaning to him or helped him
manifest. It appears to me as if he is holding something close to his chest from the position of his arms
and hands. He appears to be wearing a cloth or covering on his head, modern day doo-rag you can call it.
Almost all Creeks wore a cloth head covering such as this or very similar.
This is definitely a woman! She is dressed in the traditional female clothes of the Indians. One of her braids
hangs over her right shoulder. She appears to me to be looking directly at me. There was no women at the
park the day I visited. Certainly none wearing clothing of that era.
This is a very plain ghost! He looks to be wearing a doo rag, a white shirt, possibly dark pants or high
leggings. He may be grinding corn or planting something. Whatever it is he is working on something on the
ground. I would say he is holding something in his right hand. Then i had a thought while drawing this
illustration... maybe he's carving a dug out canoe! The Alabama River is very close by. There also appears
to me to be a child in front and to the side of him with an animal of some kind behind her.
When i had downloaded the pictures and began searching them hoping to find something, this is the first
ghost I saw. The horse has his head on the ground grazing. The man is either about to get on the horse or
maybe he is grooming it.
I think this is a little boy bringing something to the village. What i do not know. A piece of wood? A large
fish? A basket? Or maybe it is his little brother or sister he has been babysitting this morning.
Well that's about it, my article got a little long, but i hope you enjoy it. It's a true story, no doubt about
this one, I was there. There may be other ghosts in the picture and if you spot one, please contact me
and let me know where it is. If your ever down my way in east Alabama, your more than welcome to
look at the others photos I made that day. Maybe you'll see something I've missed.
And in conclusion as i finish this article late tonight another thought came to me from the Hawk spirit
totem I mentioned earlier... "I told you that your ancestors were near, they have allowed you a
glimpse of  them in their time in history."

Perhaps there are some of you who feel the same way.... if so, I'd really like to hear from you.
Not only do they have a fantastic selection of totem animal information , you'll find lots of other topics as well.
If  You  Live  As  An  Indian  Did  Long  Ago... You Will Live A  Happy  Life
Snake Is A Powerful Totem
There are many different snakes that crawl in Alabama,
but of all that do, only six are poisonous. The Eastern
Diamond Back, Timber Rattler, Copperhead, Cotton
Mouth or Water Moccasin, Pigmy Rattler, and Coral Snake.
All snakes are quite helpful to us. Their main diet is rats
and mice. And even though all snakes bring a fear to us,
they too bring learning, a message, and Indian medicine.
Timber Rattler
Black Runner
King Snake
When snake shows up it is a sign of death and rebirth. Now this rarely reflects as an actual death of someone, but as an ending to
something in your life and a restart of some area of your life. The end of a chapter of your life, maybe a painful chapter and now a
whole new restart to another chapter. A better chapter, a better time in life. Snake represent healing also. Look closely at the symbol
of a medical doctor. A staff with wings circled by 2 snakes. Snake is on this symbol I was told because of his wisdom and knowledge.
Snake represents wisdom and knowledge.
People with a snake totem, like snake, are usually quite, hard to anger and blend in well with their surroundings.... but take note!
Once they are angered, like snake, they strike with lightening speed! Once they loose their temper their bite is quick, hard, sharp
and direct! They almost Never miss their mark.
If you've seen a snake or 2 lately ask yourself...
What is going on in my life... do I need to make changes?
Am I forcing a change to quickly?
Am I striking out at people I shouldn't?
Am I not striking when I should?
What in my life is needing to be healed?
Hypnotic qualities have been associated with snake because of its unblinking stare. (This stare is because it has no eye
lids).Learning to use your eyes to mesmerise and look into the hearts of others is what snake medicine can teach you. It even
indicates a need to look more closely into your own heart and soul.
Snake also uses his tongue to smell, to taste the air around him. For those of us with a snake totem it also teaches or tells us to pay
close attention to the things going on around us. 'Do things really smell right?' Be careful of what you say and to whom! ---- and with
what and whom you involve yourself.
When snake shows up look for a change in conditions, a healing, and a movement to a new life.
Because We All Live On The Earth,
We Are All Connected To Each Other & To The Earth.
We Are All Connected To What Is Happening With Mother Earth.
Mother Earth Is Our Spiritual Mother.
And If We Talk To Her, Just Like Our Human Mother,
She Will Listen To Us.
  I investigated an area where Bigfoot has been spotted in the past. While there i saw several wild
turkey and late Sunday afternoon I found this large turkey feather. I believe it is a wing feather as it is
very worn on the end. Possibly from rubbing on the ground as they walk. The Indian in me tells me I
didn't find this feather by chance. It was placed here for me. It left a message, a reminder.
Turkey is associated with spiritually and honoring Mother Earth. Turkey symbolizes Shared Blessings,
Harvest and Being Grounded. Its most powerful time is right now, Autumn.
Turkeys message to me is, 'Slow down! get grounded again.' Lately I have been too busy. I have been
pushing myself when I should be resting and to start re grounding. But the cooler weather, the
beautiful days of fall make me want to as much as I can, like the yard work, just being out side enjoying
the magnificence of Creation! There is so much I need and want to do, but so little time.
My father, pictured at right, made a statement once that i have always
remembered. A few days earlier he had turned 50 years old and one of his
sisters asked him, 'How old are you this year?' (Of course she already
knew). But he replied, 'Fifty. Half a century! And those 50 have gone by in a
hurry! Gives you a funny feeling to know you want be here in another 50.'
I guess thats in the back of my mine, I'm now 56, lots I want to do, and I wont
be here in another 56 years.
The feather is worn on the end. Turkey is telling me I'm not as young as I
once was, I am wearing out. Just as anything does with time...so slow down.
My Father around 25 yr.
old when stationed in
Alaska, during WWII
The end and side has some wear!
The Legend of
The Medicine Hat Horse

The Medicine Hat Horse is easily recognized. It has a white head and face but the upper portion of its head and ears are of a
completely different color. A solid different color, making it appear to be wearing a tightly fitting skull cap or doo-rag as they are
called today. It is recorded in several references that i came across that several, especially south eastern Indian tribes, that the
braves wore a similar head covering. In the book, 'Creek Religion & Medicine' by John R. Swanton, it states that the Creek Indian
men always wore a turban like cloth on their head.
The name, 'Medicine Hat', is a translation of the Blackfoot Indian word, 'Saamis', pronounced (Sa-mus), that is the word for the
Eagle tail feather headdress worn by the Medicine Man... thus Medicine Hat.
A few tribes only allowed the Medicine Man to own and ride a Medicine Hat Horse, but most allowed the Chief, Medicine Man, or a
Great Warrior to own one.  (I now believe that Red Eagle, the Great Creek Indian Chief and Warrior, owned a Medicine Hat Horse
named Arrow. My reason is that it is documented that he could speak to the horse, 'whisper in it's ear' and the horse would do
what it was told.
The main thing whether it be medicine, fact, or magic, about a Medicine Hat Horse is that the legend states, ' No harm can come to
its rider, even in battle !'  
In the book, 'San Domingo, The Medicine Hat Stallion' by Marguerite Henry, she says that the Indians
believed the horse sacred, powerful, and contained much medicine and that neither bullet or arrow could harm  its rider. A
favorite quote was, 'Protected are those who are loved by a Medicine Hat - for no harm will come to them'. Medicine Hats are
thought to be extremely lucky and intelligent and poses superior ability to other horses.
Some, not all Medicine Hats have a blue eye. But the most respected and most prized are those with two blue eyes. The blue eyes
are known as 'Sky Eyes', It is said because of that, the horse can communicate easily with, and receive messages from The Great
Spirit. The blue eyes sometimes make the horse appear ghostly or otherworldly and that they contain magic and power. Because it
processes power from The Great Spirit, this is the reason it renders its rider invincible in battle. And because of the Sky Eyes, it
has been associated with the Ghost Horse of the Plains Indians.
To many tribes it is symbolic of or related to the Sacred White Buffalo! Extreme reverence for animals colored white has long been
highly prized.
Medicine Hats can and do warn their rider of danger and can locate food and water for  them in the most barren landscapes.
Chief Red Cloud is suppose to have owned one. There is even a town in Alberta, Canada, named Medicine Hat.

Well, there it is, to the best of my research and knowledge,
'The Legend of the Medicine Hat Horse'
The painting above of Red Eagle has been brought to our attention, that it is not Red Eagle.
When first constructing this page I found this picture on two different web sites saying it was
indeed him. I do not know who it is, I didn't paint it, nor was i there when someone did. However,
outside Dadeville, Alabama, near Horseshoe Bend park, there is a stone carving along side of
the road that claims it shows the likeness of Red Eagle. I will get a photo of that on here soon. I
put the picture on here to honor a great Creek Indian, a great Chief, a great warrior, and great
spirit guide
No Two Elements In Nature Are In Conflict...
And when we perceive the ways of nature we remove conflict within
ourselves. We then receive harmony of body, mind, and spirit in accord
with the universe....

The Alabama Bigfoot Society
Entrance Road To
Holy Ground Battlefield Park
This is the best photo of the 2
hawks I was able to get
Chico stops in mid step looking at the spirits !
I believe this was at one time the
location of the village that was here.
The home of the Prophets wives and
This is a photo of Indian Ghosts!
Can you find them?
There are several,,, a woman, a horse and
rider, a brave looking straight at you,
children, animals, there may be a Christian
cemetery, an even someone sitting in a tree!