Artifact Found In Emuckfaw Creek
What you're looking at was not carved by human hands. It was not carved at all. You are welcome to examine this artifact for yourself. You will
find no knife marks, no sanding marks... this was created by nature, or as I like to think, 'Carved by the finger of God.'
It does resemble the face of a Sasquatch, or at least we think so. One of our friends and now one of our members found this about 2 years ago.
The following is how he obtained this one of a kind relic.

Mr. Cox was retired, he was now a cattleman, horse trainer. On this particular early fall day a man had called him the day before asking him if he
would round up some cows that had gotten out of their pasture. Cox had agreed to do so, this was what he enjoyed most. Being on the back of a
horse roping and rounding up cattle.
The cows were now in a densely wooded area around Emuckfaw Creek in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. The location is close to a place called Zana. Zana was said to be one of the largest
cotton plantations in Alabama before the Civil War. It was said to have extended well west of Highway 22, (of course Highway 22 wasn't there at the time of Zana's heyday). And to have
extended east and south east past Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is now a National Military Park. It was here that Gen. Andrew Jackson defeated the Creek Nation in a famous battle there.
This is an area of many, many square miles. Also according to legend, there were many slaves that worked the fields in those days and that they brought with them a religion called Voo-Doo to
Zana. It is quite possibly for this reason that Zana is said to be haunted today.
Over the years that I have been investigating paranormal events, I have had several people tell me of things happening around Zana and I have had a paranormal encounter or two there myself.
But today traveling on Highway 22, you wouldn't even know when you entered or left Zana. The pines and oaks and underbrush have retaken the land.
So now you know where Cox would be rounding up cows.
Over the day he had caught most of them. From time to time he on horseback and his dog trailing the next cow had crossed Emuckfaw Creek. This time they rode a
little ways down stream in the creek. Suddenly and for no reason Cox's horse snorted, it seemed frightened. It reared its head and began balking, wanting to back
up. The animal became very frightened and nervous. Cox was having trouble staying in the saddle. It twirled and bolted, something had upset the horse to no avail.
Then Cox saw what had frightened the horse. There appeared to be something, some creature, lying in the creek under the water. Its head was just below the surface
and it bobbled up and down, probably to get air. The face was all cox could see. He reached for his pistol just in case the thing came up, maybe it would try to catch
the horse, dog or even him, he thought. He let the horse back down stream as he continued to watch the thing in the creek. He tied the horse to a nearby tree then
slowly walked upstream toward the thing. Now he could tell it was no animal at all. It was a piece of drift wood! But the face looked like an ape's! Or more
accurately...A Bigfoot!
This thing was coming home with him, he thought to himself. But when he reached down to lift it from the water, it was extremely heavy, after all, it was submerged in the water. It had been for a long
time and it was completely waterlogged. After an hour or so he had it secured to the saddle on the horse. They made their way through the thick under brush to his truck and trailer where the cows
he'd caught were inside. Cox was exhausted and it was time to go home.
The next morning Cox brought the relic to my house. It is unbelievable how much this resembles the face of an ape or Bigfoot. It was created by nature, by water rushing down a creek. An it is in this
very area that only a few months later a Sasquatch was seen by a couple at night. Then we were notified of this sighting and began an investigation. We were astonished by what we found in the area,
a rather large area, but there were Bigfoot there!
A White Bigfoot Reported In Blount County, Alabama
~Possible Albino !~
Recently we received an e mail from a woman whose son had made a Bigfoot sightings 3 years ago. She also had a sighting in the past few weeks. As is
our policy at Alabama Bigfoot Society, we do not use real names or give exact locations of sightings on here. This is to protect the individuals privacy
and could protect the life of a Bigfoot.
Blount County is located in central northern Alabama, between Birmingham and Huntsville. Blount County was created Feb. 6, 1818, from lands ceded
to the Federal Government by the Creek Nation, Aug. 9, 1814. It was named for Gov. Willie Blount of Tennessee, because of the assistance he
provided Alabama settlers in the Creek War. It has a population of just over 51,000 people. An is called the Covered Bridge Capital of Alabama
because of the three covered bridges it still has standing. More than any other county in Alabama. I like to provide a little history of a county when we
have a new sighting. Gives me a feel of the land so to speak.
But on to the sighting report. After reading the e mail I contacted the mom, whose son had encountered a Bigfoot. We decided to communicate by telephone so she could give further
details. The sighting had occurred about 3 years ago. Her son was 9 years old at the time. She and her family had just purchased a home. It was an older house and they planned to restore
it to its original state. It was located in the northern part of Blount County, and north of Oneonta. There is a creek nearby, a sizable creek. The woods around the area supply an abundance
of wildlife. So with the water and game nearby, this is a very good habitat for Sasquatch. Over time the land around the house had grown up with foliage. This particular day all the family
was cleaning, cutting and doing yard work.
While she and her husband worked in the front yard that day her son had gotten around to the backyard. And this is where the sighting happened. A sighting she says her son, and she still
remember well to this day. It was mid day as he came running around the house yelling about the giant creature that was in a ditch! At first he thought it was a large man with a white
hood over his head and it severely frightened the young boy.
They all went around the house to see if it was someone who intended to do harm. But the creature was well gone by now. Her son says the creature was in a ditch and that he and the
thing caught each others attention at about the same time! They made eye contact for a few moments. He says they looked at each other eye to eye! But that it made no sound nor did it
make any threatening move toward him. It simply walked slowly off into the dense forest. As it walked away he could then tell it was covered entirely with long solid white hair. The long
hair fell over its face and he could make out no other features than its eyes. Her son told them where the creature stood and how far up its head was according to the bushes and trees.  
They estimated it to be about 9 feet tall. This was the only time he has seen the albino sasquatch
Then recently the Mom, who never doubted what her son saw, made a sighting for herself! A few nights ago around 11 PM she walked out side to let her dog out of the house. In the
distance, but not far away a power line crosses the property. There is a power pole in a small clearing and on this night the moon was shining. It was beside the power pole that she
noticed a very large figure standing next to it. There was no one who it could or should be because of the size. She could not tell the color, she could only make out the outline of what
looked like a Bigfoot!

I have had another report several years ago of a creature that appeared to be a Bigfoot only much smaller in a creek that was brown and white spotted. Then about 4 years ago I had
another report of a gray-white Sasquatch in Tallapoosa County. We think it may have been an old Sasquatch and was turning gray with age.
The March 7, 2012 Sighting
Read all the details of this sighting encounter in Jim's last book,
"Sasquath II, The Alabama Bigfoot Sightings Continue'
Close up of the snapped
tree the Sasquatch stood
behind and looked at us
This photo shows what i believe is another
Tee Pee a few miles from the burned one.
It too is in view of the roadway.
The Alabama Bigfoot Society
Dedicated To The Research & Preservation Of This Creature And It's Habitat.
Track Found In Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Thanksgiving Week, 2013
The photo at right shows a plain foot print in the wet soil in Tallapoosa County. Photographed by a young
man whose family I have known 25 plus years. Toe prints are plain. Photograph was made in a location I
personally know is a 'hot spot' for sightings.
This track was approximately 18 inches long. It was made near New Site, Alabama.  The place it was found is
another spot that massive logging was taking place at the time. The loggers were no longer in this particular
location, they'd finished here and had moved deeper into the woods. A Young man doing other work for the
landowner discovered these tracks. He said there were others,but not being interested in Bigfoot only made
the one photo. These tracks were very near a small pond that had been hidden away in the forest for many
years. The pond is no doubt a food sourse for the woodland creatures there and Bigfoot as well.
Recent  Sightings !
Something Strange Is Always Going On  In Zana !       (Not a Place For The Weak Hearted!)
Bigfoot Reported Near Motley, Al.,, August 7, 2014
A man traveling on Motley Road, Co. Road 79, on his way
home from work, Thursday believes he saw a Bigfoot
standing in a pine thicket near the old farming community of
Motley, around 6PM. The sighting occurred near Dipping Vat
Road. A place of numerous sightings in the past 10 plus
years. Logging has resumed in the area over the summer
and no doubt has them running from their homes. The
witness reports the creature as massive. Extremely thick
shoulders and chest. Approximately 8 to 9 feet tall. It looked
to be covered in Alabama's red clay dust. We plan to
investigate the location Saturday since it is a known area of
Bigfoot residence.
A Black Panther Photographed In Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
Thanks to those who have the ability to enter other peoples computers, this photo
was deleted from my computer files. But a friend also had a copy, so we have
re posted it here.
What May Be A Black Panther Cub video ed
In Tallapoosa County, Alabama
What may be a Black Panther Cub was caught on video by a game camera in
January of 2014. Not by a cheep game camera, one that allows the owner to sit at
his computer and watch it as he has time. It has the ability to be moved by the
person viewing the screen at the time so they can zoom in on what they're
watching. Check out the video at the link below.
Tallapoosa County Cub Video
There is no doubt now this photo is real as 'the Powers That Be' deleted it on the site and from my
computer files
I would appreciate in the future any thing on here that shouldn't be, just send the Men In Black out and
tell me to delete what need be, they've been here before and follow me constantly. I certainly dont want
to put anything on here that might compromise some secret government operation
(Hey, Guys, (MIBs)how about dimming those bright white lights when your behind me, especially in the
rain like Saturday night on Al Hwy 148 near Millerville. If you cause me to wreck and I die, who will you
follow and harass then?
Alabama Bigfoot Society
Bigfoot Sighting In Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
The afternoon of Wednesday July 24, 2013, for a while in parts of Tallapoosa County, was the sight of severe storms once
again. I was driving west on Highway 22 and in all places to be, was in the middle of Zana, when I drove into the storm.
Winds were very high and several trees were up rooted in the surrounding area. It seemed as the wind came from all
directions and the rain was so heavy, I had to pull  off the road for some time to ride out the storm.
Later when I finally returned home this evening, I received a report of a Bigfoot Sighting in Horseshoe Bend National
Military Park. The weather had also been very bad there as a tree was blown across the road on County Road 79 just as
you enter the Park.
The Bigfoot was seen around 3:30 PM. It was on the opposite side of Hwy. 49 from the museum. The witness said it was
not far into the woods, was 7 to 8 feet tall, reddish brown and you could tell it was wet, soaked. The area of this land
belongs to the park, but is not normally used by visitors there.  It was seen in an access road. I plan to go there tomorrow
and look for tracks, if I receive permission by park officials. And if it can possibly hold off raining a few hours here. If rains
fall tonight as I expect, there will be no need searching.
This area has been soaked for some time now as every day, tremendous rains fall here. Usually this time of year we are
very dry. Drought conditions actually, but not this year!
Two More Additional Bigfoot Sightings At Horseshoe Bend !
It seems the month of July was an active time for Sasquatch to be moving around in the Horseshoe Bend Park near New Site, Alabama. We have received 3
reports, all from different people and different times of day. The first report was early in the month. A woman and her son were visiting the park and were near
the village area. In the distance they noticed movement in a stand of trees. Upon further and closer observation, they could see a large hairy creature walking
on two legs moving in and out of the trees. They watched it for some time as it moved deeper into the forest and finally out of sight.
The second sighting is the one listed above on July 24.
The third sighting comes from a truck driver who passes through the Park nightly on a delivery run. His sighting was on the Dadeville side of the river and
near the Park entrance-exit sign. The sighting was somewhat unnerving and he isn't ready to go into detail about the sighting at this time. He says he never
saw anything like the creature which he did describe as being HUGE, covered in long matted hair and standing on two legs. When he becomes more
comfortable with the sighting, we'll have the details here.
If you have seen anything in the Park or the Park area,  or had any type sighting, please contact us through our contact us page.
Another Encounter At The Horseshoe!
Over the long, hot,  lazy, Dog Days Of Summer, sighting reports to us slowed, but with the cooling nip of Fall in full swing and winter quickly approaching,
business has picked up! On Sunday morning, Oct. 20, 2013, around 11:30 AM, rock tapings were heard by two of our members and one of the members 9 yr. old
sighting reports to us over the summer stemming from the park). Soon, after a few moments of taping themselves, came a reply from the densely wooded area
behind the pavilion.
As they continued their experimental 'call', the replies they were getting grew closer and closer. The final taps were so close and so loud according to an email
sent to me by Jacob, 'That we should have been able to see it!'  The first return taps were a long way off and faint . The sound of the taps becoming louder moved
nearer very swiftly. Too fast for a human to run through the thick woods.
At this point they decided it was time to return to their car.... they'd seen no other people, and no other vehicles in this area of the park. Who or 'what' was
returning the taping call was a little to o close for comfort.
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Randolph & Tallapoosa Co.s Alabama
Blount County Tee Pees Photographed
WE recently received these three photos of a Bigfoot Tee Pee, or shelter structure from a person in Blount County, Alabama. In his email he said he was not a Bigfoot
hunter. But since spring, he and his family have found several of the same looking formations on their farm in extreme southern Blount County. As you can tell in the
photos the land is very thick, dense with trees and undergrowth, as he stated in his email. His neighbors adjoining land is the same. Photos were made along the Warrior
River as it runs through Blount County.
Ghosts Caught On Video At Horseshoe Bend
Saturday afternoon, (10-18-14) was an active day in the park for many ghosts. While Jim was shooting video, unknown to him in the back ground
a mysterious fog formed in front of the distant trees, then suddenly flashes of light began...first in the forest, then near center of  the Holy
Ground, the flashes got closer and closer to him. One large flash appeared about 10 feet behind him. As the flashes continued, it looked like
people began to move out of no where along the tree line. and still behind him, as if they were watching him. Then he change camera locations.
All locations were around the Holy Ground or High Ground as it is sometimes called.  Suddenly a white cloud or something walks up to his back!
It lingered there a few moments and then reached its hand out and touched his face!  Jim knew nothing of this at the time. It was only after he got
home and began reviewing the video that he and Dorothy saw it.  The video is on youtube ...check it out!
Signs Of Bigfoot Found In DeSoto State Park
Over the weekend we received these photos of a mysterious looking rock formations,  several other photos of what looks very much like Bigfoot habitation in DeSoto Park
area. Check the photos below and decided what you think
This formation is somewhere between the
Tombigbee and Alabama Rivers, on privately
owned land, owned by the person sending the
photos.  Also they have heard very loud, heavy
sounding wood tapping at night in this area.
They said the force of the knocking was stronger
sounding than a normal human could hit a tree.
A short time go, they had panthers on their
property as well. The witness, sender of the
photos, saw a panther in their yard and days later
a neighbor reported to them that they had seen a
black panther sitting in their driveway one night
as they passed by  With each photo, I have given
a brief description.  Check them out and see what
you think.
NOTE* The area here, of the photos is not far from where my family and I lived when i was in the 4th grade, (mid 1960s)and a place where my father and several other workers
discovered large bare footprints at a construction site that had been vandalized over one weekend. There was damage to trucks and equipment, also 55 gallon barrels of oil and
fuel had been tossed around. In those days we'd never heard of a Bigfoot.
House Slaps Continue In Tuscaloosa County
There is a location in Tuscaloosa County that the residents of one house have, for some time been
experiencing loud, heavy and very hard slaps on the outside of their house at night. What ever is doing it,  
even climbs a tree sometimes and slaps high on the wall outside. Limbs have been found in the yard the
next morning from time to time, that have been broken from the tree. This has been going on for some
time. They have seen Bigfoot in the area, along with numerous signs of them, even tracks in the garden,
and a Bigfoot  was seen close to their house by 2 of our members only a few months ago!
July 2014
Natural formation of granite rock, a very nice
place for something to be living, using as a den
or home. Looks like a nice over hang on the far
right end. Excellent shelter for anything
Trail through another section of the granite.
Leaves appear tightly pcked, maybe from
something walking on them regularly.
Excellent footprint
that witness says was
about 11 inches from
heel to toe. Track has
no arch like a human
would have. Mud
appears soft enough
that it would have
made an arch print.
Sasquatch prints seem
to have a flat foot.
These three photos
are from the same
area a family
encountered a
Sasquatch about 1
year ago.
Numerous bent trees and limbs from same
area. Sasquatch signs!
Swamp area with
snapped limbs and
upper portion of a
tree clawed and
chewed as if
something was
eating insects in
the dead wood.!
Another angle of
swamp area
Additional foot prints in swamp filled
with water
Old foot print filled with
water and measured,
approximately 8 inches
from heel to toe
Den for something with clear area in
front and trails leading to it.
Broken tree near swamp
Close UP of
Broken tree near swamp
Den for something
Broken limb hung in tree
scratches, maybe
Missing bark,
from finger nails
and teeth
Note the large limb that was broken from the tree
Left is close up of
limb from tree, note
it is not rotten and
there were no strong
winds the night it fell
Left is disturbance
found on ground
near tree that limb
fell from, is it a foot
14 inch Foot Print Discovered
In Tuscaloosa County
Tuscaloosa County is a hot spot for Bigfoot these days. This is another foot print photographed in
Tuscaloosa County recently. It measured about 14 inches from heel to toe.
Bigfoot Signs from Clark County
July 2014
More Encounters In Tuscaloosa County
This week we have received numerous reports from Tuscaloosa County, there have been sightings elsewhere, but almost everyday this week, we have gotten at
least one sighting report a day from Tuscaloosa Co. Something has them stirred up mainly along the Black Warrior River. And when it comes to the Warrior
River, reports over the last few weeks are from one end of the river to the coast line.
Our latest report from areas along the Warrior is from two hunters, a brother/sister who were hunting  last hunting season in the Holt Lake area. Holt Lake is
along the Warrior in Tuscaloosa County To their surprise while hunting , a Sasquatch made a very loud scream quite close to them, they then heard heavy
footsteps running in the woods close to them. The footsteps were extremely fast they reported.
In Alabama's past there were numerous Indian villages located along the Black Warrior, as well as all rivers in Alabama, I know. But there was a very
large village located at Moundville, Alabama. The town, so named because of the many Indian mounds located there. The village there is thought to be
a very large and powerful village when Indians occupied it. Indians were extremely spiritual,  as they lived close to the land, nature, and communicated,
no doubt with their God  from atop these mounds. Because they lived close to Warrior River, since it provided a means for travel, life, and was a food
source, it could be a very spiritual place. I believe Sasquatch is a very spiritual creature, so perhaps there is a connection between the river and
sasquatch. I also believe there is something major about to take place on earth,possibly something spiritual, and the many sightings of Bigfoot, a
spiritual being, could be a sign of that coming event.
I believe this is the tallest
mound at Moundvil
Sky view of lay out of mounds at
I am not an astronomer. But we all know now days, that the three pyramids in Egypt are said to be laid out or built in the shape of the constellation
Orion. The belt of Orion. . I was just wondering if any one had ever checked the lay out, the pattern of the mounds of Moundville? Are they
positioned in the shape of a constellation? Or a pattern of stars, since as far as we know the Indians didn't call the constellations by the names we
use now.  If the mounds turn out to be a star pattern, then what did it mean to them?  Was it where they thought their God  lived? Or where their
gods originated?  Was it where they, the Indian people came from, or where their ancestors came from? Was it a home planet? Was it where they
returned? As our history doesn't know exactly what happened to them... they seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth..and apparently
vanished quickly, like maybe over night..or so our history teaches. Or perhaps they became so spiritual they did walk off the face of the earth into
a better world. ( I wish I could do that sometimes!)
I Wonder....Just some of my minds ramblin's
I believe the Book of Enoch speaks of different levels of Heaven. Enoch was shown the secrets of the Universe and the Bible says ..'Enoch walked with God'. So, he should know!
Stone disks like the one at left have been found at Moundville. Their meaning still remains a mystery. What do the symbols on
Horned rattlesnakes, being tied together, tied in a knot at the stomach? It no doubt means the uniting or the union of
something. And what is the hand with the eye? Or is that an eye??  It resemble a UFO too. Were they offering a hand in
friendship to the extraterrestrials? Were they calling to the ETs to carry them back home? Is that a UFO symbol? If it were an
eye, then why no pupil? No Eye lashes? No eyebrow? Answer, It's no eye! Its a UFO!!

Just something to consider and I'm sure some one will now.
Foot Prints Photographed In
Oak Mountain State Park
A couple who were camping in Oak Mountain State Park over the weekend of July 20, 2014 discovered this foot
print early their first morning there as they hiked along a park trail .  It was a beautiful morning and they decided to
walk down to a nearby lake along stream, as they walked over the bridge, the man noticed this print in the mud along
the edge of the stream.
Area where the Bigfoot was sighted.
Black Panther In Clay County Alabama
The photo at right was sent to our office a few days ago. I regret that I have been unable to get it
posted until today, 9-02-14. (Most of you know I have had surgery and haven't been able to update the
site.), All I can tell you about he photo right now is.... it was made by a game camera in Clay County,
Alabama. I will be working on details of the story as I can.
Photo taken from driver seat
of car from the road way.
Will The Person Who Sent This Report Please Contact Me Through 'Contact Us' Page
It Is Important I Talk With You On This Sighting
Red Eagle's Ghost
Black Panther photographed Near Motley Community Near
Clay -Tallapoosa County Line
Nov.30,2014. In a report received a few days ago, another Black Panther photo was made with a game camera somewhere near the Clay -
Tallapoosa County Line near Thanksgiving week, 2014. The person reporting the sighting said a friend had the photo and would send us a
copy as soon as they spoke with them. It could be the same cat pictured above.
Rare Bigfoot Call, (sound, howls or cries), Whatever You May
Decide To Call It... Recorded In Tuscaloosa County
Dec 18, 2014.  In our mail today we received a video recording of a very rare Bigfoot sound. The sounds were caught on video recorder by one of our
members in that area. Personally I have never heard this particular sound, but many years ago I heard a Bigfoot Investigator tell about it. I also had a
witness some 20 or so years ago tell me of an encounter she had, hearing this same sound. ( You can read her account in my first booklet on Bigfoot,
' Bigfoot Sightings Of East  Central Alabama').  It is the sound of a baby crying!, only louder than a normal human infant. Video is now on our You
tube site
A Bigfoot Hunting Party Possibly Video ed Dec 24, 2014
No, it is nothing like the Patterson-Gemlin Film.  But Jim had stopped to video a Bigfoot Trail , a bent and a broken tree for a video  he was working on for
you tube.  He may have walked right into the middle of a large Sasquatch hunting party around 2 PM, and had no idea what was going on around him until
later that night when he and Dorothy began editing the video. About 40 yards behind the first bent tree, there appear to be 2  and at one time 3 sasquatch
walking around in the forest. He then changes camera angle to other bent trees and there appear to be 3 more smaller Sasquatch, estimated 20 - 25 feet
away, and to his rear, peering at him from behind large pine trees, perhaps they were attempting to close in on him. Video is being closely examined at this
time. A video about this Hunting Party Sighting is being planned for You Tube.