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A  Great Bigfoot Site Link
One of our Bigfoot researcher friends has a website that is well worth the time to check it out. Dennis is in southern Alabama, in
Conecuh  County. He has many stories of Bigfoot sightings you'll want to read.      

All Photographs and descriptions belong to Jim Smith and are accurate to the best of his knowledge.
The Birmingham Free Press Newspaper
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This is an 18 foot tall statue of Bigfoot!  It is located in Rohnert Park, California.  There is a 100
mile stretch of highway named, "The Bigfoot Scenic Biway".  It is named that because there
have been more reported sightings of Bigfoot along this highway than any other road in the
United Sates!  In the article i found concerning this , it stated....'The Bigfoot Scenic Biway lies
within and goes through government owned and protected lands where Bigfoot and other
endangered species can be seen or observed. The Bigfoot Scenic Biway  is recognized by the
U.S. Congress and by the Federal Highway Administration. Designated 2001.'
The USDOT & The U S Forest Service Both Recognize Bigfoot As Being
A Real Endangered Species
Bigfoot Encounters Continue At Mt. Cheaha
Alabama's Highest Point
Mt. Cheaha
It was December of 2010, That a long trail of Bigfoot foot prints were
discovered by hikers along one of the hiking trails at Mt. Cheaha. This area of
Alabama has been quite well known for occasional  Bigfoot sightings over the
years.  Not far from here in the small town of Waldo, in the 1970s & 80s was a
lounge named The Bigfoot Lounge. I was told it was named that for the many
Bigfoot sightings in that area. A man connected with Alabama law
enforcement told me that on one particular mountain near Talladega, a Bigfoot
or a family of them had lived there for as long as he could remember. He
claimed there was always several sightings a year from mostly hunters.
Sometime someone driving
the highway would spot one. Waldo, Talladega, and Mt. Cheaha are all located close to each other and all are in, or
boundry the Talladega National Forest.
Recently I received an email from yet another camper who has encountered the sounds,,, the screams of Bigfoot at
night. They were camping at one of the camp grounds there and heard the unmistakable screams that are associated
with Sasquatch. This was last June.
I plan a trip to Mt. Cheaha very soon and although I will not be able to hike and search the woods, i will take close
notice of anything that may be visible from the road.
Alabama Bigfoot Society
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May 6,,  2015
Dr. Melba Ketchum, Bigfoot DNA
The following article is my thoughts and opinions on Dr. Melba Ketchums extensive  research and work
she and her staff have completed on Bigfoot DNA.
Dr. Melba Ketchum
I have had the pleasure to listen to Dr. Ketchum on Coast To Coast Am, (late night radio talk show)
with George Knapp, on two different occasions . And also an interview on another radio show that
is on youtube.com.
First I would like to relate what happened to me only a few days ago. A person I have known many years, stumbled
across my website. I had never mentioned to them that i had one. And a paranormal one at that. Here in Alabama you
have to be careful who you mention Bigfoot, ghosts, UFO, or anything paranormal to. Mention it to the wrong person
and you'll be labeled crazy, laughed at, ridiculed and made fun of, for the remainder of your life. . Oh, how the close
minded, or ignorant people as I call them,  love to ridicule!  But after reading some of  this site they called a family
member and told them to check it out. They both are very into and interested in the paranormal. Both were surprised I
had a paranormal site. 'He's just a simple ole country boy..' they both mused, who'd ever thought Jim was so big into
Bigfoot and the such.
To me and many men here in the south, being labeled a 'simple, good ole country boy' is about the highest
compliment you can get! It is to me anyway! When your a simple, good ole country boy, you are an honest and sincere
person, a person who's word can be taken, a person who doesn't think they are better than any one else.

Now back to Dr. Ketchum,,, this is somewhat how she came across to me on the radio. (Not simple, ole or country), but
a very sincere, honest person who's word can be taken.
Dr. Ketchums analysis of her Bigfoot DNA findings called 'Novel North American Hominin' was suppose to be
published but for some reason or reasons the journal that was suppose to publish it declined to do so.  This was much
the topic of her radio interview on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013...why didn't they publish it... after all, they had told her they
Well here's my opinion on why the journal didn't  published it....
Greed, jealousy, and money.
No matter what you research and find out or learn about Bigfoot, there's always someone telling you how completely
wrong you are. Everyone wants to be the utmost authority on them. As far as i know there is not one in captivity being
studied. So the theories we serious researchers come up with are the conclusions we make after many long hours in
the field. That's the way it is with us anyway. Many of the 'noted' Bigfoot people are very greedy in wanting everything
they say to be gospel. Face it, it just doesn't always work out that way. The jealousy... again there are those who wish
they'd came up with her findings. They want to be in the spot light. And the money part. To me this is the main problem
not only with Bigfoot but with everything. Bigfoot is a big money maker right now. There are countless Bigfoot shows
on TV so that means big money for some one. The people on the shows, the creators of the shows and the advertisers.
Why do you think so many networks have Bigfoot shows? It is what the public is interested in this week and that
means viewers, and that mean money to advertisers. To the people with museums and other attractions that bring in
Bigfoot dollars, they don't want this mystery solved. It could be a dent in profits. Oh and the big money book deals with
publishers. I don't mean like the little booklets i have done to help finance research and website costs, I mean the
thousands of dollars book deals lots of big name bigfoot people have and will be getting in the future.
Dr. Ketchums analysis is available through download for a fee. You can click in her name and search on the Internet for
it. I believe Dr. Ketchum and her findings. There were many things she said that I know to be true from investigating the
creature  myself.
Paranormal Odyssey Podcast
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Bigfoot Seen Crossing Highway 22 ! October 10, 2013
If you have read this site, you know of Zana.  Zana is a piece of real estate that lies between Daviston and New Site,
Alabama. It is a supernatural place ! ...to say the least. I'll get an article of what i know about Zana, on here soon. Last
night I received another Bigfoot sighting report from Zana (10-10-13). This is an area in Tallapoosa County where
numerous sightings have been reported to me. Not only Bigfoot sightings, but ghosts and other paranormal things as
well!  The sighting was made at 7:05 PM. It was dark now that the days are getting shorter. The witness had been to New
Site and was returning home. They had just passed Chappell Road and was heading east on Hwy. 22. This is the area I
sometimes refer to as the Straight away. It is about 1 mile in length.
The Huntsville Times Newspaper
The First Week Of November Brings Two Bigfoot Sightings In Clay Co.
Ashland and Lineville are the two major towns in Clay County, Alabama. Both are located along Alabama Highway 9. Last
week, (the first week of the month), a large Bigfoot was witnessed by a local resident in a location between the 2 towns.
The sighting was made in their back yard while doing some afternoon yard work. According to what we've been told, the
person has a large wooded area behind their home. While working they thought they noticed some movement along the
edge of the forest out of the corner of their eye. As anyone does, they too glanced to the direction of the movement. To
their surprise and shock, a large Bigfoot was walking next to the trees. It was a deep brown color and walked slightly
slumped forward.  It apparently paid the land owner no attention as it journeyed onward. The landowner was extremely
frightened and ran into the safety of their home, although they say the Bigfoot showed no hostilities.
Outdoors Magazine
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Alabama  Bigfoot Sightings
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Numerous Reports are coming from Winston, Cullman & Lawrence
June 2014...Reported sightings of Bigfoot had slowed this summer, but over the last few weeks, sightings of the elusive
creature have been reported to us. Winston County being the most reports, then Cullman second and some from
Lawrence. Tallapoosa Has had its share as well lately. Logging has resumed in Tallapoosa, that always brings them out
of the woods. Something is going on in Winston Co., several sightings in and near the Sipsey Wilderness.
I am still getting all the details on the sighting. The witness says they were startled and shocked at seeing one, and
seeing one so plainly! As the Bigfoot passed the sign, the witness says they could actually see the long hair on the back
of its head and shoulders flowing, moving! They claim a facial outline was quite plain.

I and the witness have been to the location of this sighting and have measured the sign for the height of the Sasquatch.  
In our conservative opinion, the creature stood a good Nine feet tall !   This area, the Straight Away, has been a location
of numerous sightings over the years and many times, it has been a huge creature reported. Our team will be
investigating this sighting and area in the coming days..... and nights.
As you approach the end of the Straight Away going east, you'll see a large
yellow road sign. It is a diamond shaped, left turn curve sign. And on
Thursday night a Bigfoot walked in front of the sign as the witness saw
him or her very well! As with all road signs, this one too is reflective. The
car's headlights made the sign appear lighted,,, well lighted. According to
the witness the head and shoulders were extremely visible and plain with
the curve sign providing light. The creature took about 3 steps to cross the
highway. It came from the drivers right and walked to the left.  As it reached
the edge of the highway, it faded into the right of way and disappeared into
the thick, dark woods.
We sell these items to finance the site and investigations. REMEMBER, that just because someone is wearing our
logo, it doesn't mean they are a member. If you have reason, ask them for their membership certificate, if they are
claiming to be a member of this society. We have few members. But just as other organizations like The University
of Alabama and Auburn University, they sell items to finance their colleges. Not everyone that wears Alabama or
Auburn, t shirts and caps play football for them. It is the same way here. You can always email us with questions
concerning members.
Bigfoot Footprint Casts Mysteriously Disappear
According to a person who made plaster casts of Bigfoot  footprints, after turning the casts over to a
professor at The University of Alabama, the casts have mysteriously disappeared. No one including the
professor knows anything about them and claim now they never saw them.   Even though they
personally handed the prints to him!...(the professor.)
The casts were made in the Tuscaloosa area near the Warrior River some time ago by a husband and
wife. They photographed the casts before the husband decided they should let  the university look at
them for  evaluation since the prints looked human but were about 18 inches long by 5 plus inches wide.
They never heard anything from Alabama or the professor so one day they contacted the professor
again to inquire about  them. .. What he thought they might be. He denied ever having them and acted if
they  were making up the story. Then sometime later, the wife purchased a book by a well known  
Bigfoot author and in the book were photos of the casts they had turned over to Univ. of  Alabama.  She
says she recognised the prints the second she saw them.
If you have photos of prints or cast you've made. I will post those photos on this site and will give you
credit if you want your name with them, we do keep identies confidential, unless you say it is OK to do
Photo is not
one of the
prints, it is
a file photo.
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Jim Smith
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Horseshoe Bend Ghosts
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Bigfoot Vocalizations recorded in Tuscaloosa County !
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Another Bigfoot Sighting In Clay County !
Tuesday 11-18-14, near the intersection of Bishop Road and Clay Co. Rd. 5, two  people saw a Bigfoot cross the road as they
traveled toward Ashland, Al.  It ran out of and into dense forest land. The driver immediately stopped but the elusive creature
once again had 'disappeared in the bushes'. It was reported, very Dark Brown...(Several reports from this area lately)
A New  Formation Being Found
in Central Alabama
 Over the winter a new stick formation showed up in East Central
Alabama. The photo at right is the first one of these I found. This
particular formation was discovered in southern Clay County.
December 2014 Teleconference

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December Teleconference
Marks 44 Years I Have Researched, Investigated Sighting Reports,
Hunted, On Rare Occasions Seen, Physically Been & Now Feel Close
To, This Incredibly Intelligent Creature !
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We have scheduled our next call for
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Established 1971
Bigfoot Hunting Party
Possibly Caught On Video Christmas Eve, 2014
At a location we have not visited in several years, code named Whip-poor-will Hollow, as many as 6 Bigfoot may have
been caught on video. More details on 'Recent Sightings 'Page.
Black Panther Spotted In
Winston County....Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015
According to an eye witness account, a man and his wife spotted a Black Panther in Central Winston County, Sunday
afternoon. We were asked to not disclose the exact location as it was on private land.CV
Witness identities are always keep strictly confidential here at ABSCV
A Special Thanks To The O.I.G. Group
In Huntsville, Alabama
On Saturday Feb. 28, Jim & Dorothy were featured guest speakers at the Monthly OIG meeting in downtown
Huntsville. The meeting began with a luncheon where they met the members of OIG. Then immediately following lunch
the Alabama Bigfoot Society founder and co founder spoke to the group concerning not only Bigfoot but other
mystery (crypto), animals of the state as well. Shortly into the presentation Jim asked the group if it would be OK with
them to do a question and answer session. That way he felt he could tell them more of what he knew about Bigfoot or
give his opinion on the actual topics of interest they each had. The members agreed to do so. Every one joined in
asking questions on Bigfoot, Black Panthers, UFOs and more as our two members tried to answer every one in as much
detail as possible. After the meeting ended, Jim who loves to talk paranormal anyway, greatly enjoyed talking  to many
of the members about paranormal experiences they'd had. As an outcome of the meeting, the two groups plan to work
together on future cases. The Huntsville area is becoming a Bigfoot hot spot according to recent reports received by
ABS. Lake Guntersville accounting for multiple sightings of Bigfoot and other phenomena. A place Jim says he would
love to investigate. Thanks again OIG for a wonderful afternoon!
  Within a month of this discovery, I located three almost identical formations in Horseshoe Bend \National Military
Park. Overall there have  been about two dozen found , measured and photographed as of today. This may be nothing
new to other parts of Bigfoot Territory, but it is certainly new here. Because it reminds me of a bow and arrow, that is
what I have named this formation... A 'Bow and Arrow'.  I have also been recording data of each formation and have
found something very interesting and to me quite unexplainable about all I have found so far. If you have this
formation in your area, I would be interested in comparing results.  I ask other serious researchers please send your
photos, for comparison, also  all and detailed measurements.  Angle of 'arrow' and compass direction of arrow.
Lengths and heights also please. If you experienced any problems or not  while measuring formations
   From my research I believe it is possible some, or all may be a portal. If you believe this as well I would like to know
what makes you believe so.  I prefer not to disclose or discuss my finding and opinions on the website, in fear of
contaminating  your thoughts,  findings  or opinions.
Bow & Arrow