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On this page we will have items for sale. They will range from books we have done on paranormal
subjects to other items not entirely of a paranormal nature. There will be a variety of items... The
sells from these items will assist in financing our investigations and the cost of the website.
Bigfoot Sightings of East Central Alabama   

Paperback, Desktop Published, 2000.

This book has 8 chapters that detail 15 sightings in the East Central
Alabama area beginning in the early 1970s. Book contains photos,
illustrations, and maps of where the sightings occurred. In the
Introduction sightings are referred to as far back as the 1950s and
earlier in Randolph County Alabama. This is our first book on the topic.
Chapters are short and quick to the point. 47 pages.
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Books For Sale
Sasquatch: Alabama Bigfoot Sightings      Paperback, Desktop
Published, 2003

This is the second booklet by local paranormal investigator, Jim Smith.
These are sighting reports he received from witnesses across Alabama
after he published his first booklet on Bigfoot. Book has 12 chapters and is
66 pages. Book contains photos, illustrations and map. One chapter details
a find of a possible Sasquatch arm bone with photos!
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Bigfoot Sightings Of West Central Georgia  Paperback, Desktop
Published, 2007

This is a book Smith wrote after researching Bigfoot for several years.
These are reports of sightings that came from people he met who had
made sightings in the state of Georgia. Book has 61 pages and is 11
chapters. The final chapter is about the items you'll need to do a field
investigation. He list and describes each item you need to have in your
back pack.
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Journal Of A Bigfoot Expedition

Paperback, Desktop Published, 2011.

This book is a journal kept by Jim Smith over a week or so leading up to
a weekend search for Sasquatch in Central Randolph County Alabama. It
is about 50 pages. Includes stick tapping noises heard by him and
another investigator. Has illustrations by Smith and each cover will be
hand colored making each book a little different.
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How To Make
Home-Made Wine
Shipping &

In less than one hour you can learn all there is to know about making wine! This is an instructional video that will teach you step by step
the wine making process. From choosing the fruit you want to the final step, tasting. Its all here and all carefully explained in detail. Video
shows you how to make, apple, scuppernong, peach and my favorite, tangerine wine. One segment shows and details all the materials and
tools needed. You probably already have all the tools in your kitchen.
Recipe is an old recipe handed down over the years. Copyright 2004
Now You Can Learn The Wine Making Process !
Chief Red Eagle
William Weatherford
1765 - March 24, 1824
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The Ghosts Of Horseshoe Bend
National Military Park
Book details ghostly sightings that have occurred at
Horseshoe Bend National Military Park over several
years. 19 chapters. 56 pages. Has maps, illustrations and
photos. Great addition to your paranormal library.
This is our NEW official Patch! It is 3 inches TALL and made of heavy duty
material. Patch is embroidered so you can sew it on your shirt, cap, hat , jacket,
or where ever you'd like it to be seen.
Alabama Bigfoot Society Official Patch

We Will Ship It The Same day We Receive Your Order
Alabama Bigfoot Society
Khaki  Floppy, Bucket Hat
World War II Custom Handle Bayonet - Fighting Knife
This military Knife belonged to my father. It has
been passed along to me and I feel it should be in a
WWII military collection
In World War II many GIs replaced the military issued handles with a custom
handle that sometimes had a special meaning to them. This is one of those
knives. My father's story on the knife was the handle was made from a lever
from the a Japanese plane he shot down , or at lest helped shoot down.  Knife
is about 16 inches over all. The handle is about 5 inches
Handle appears to be glass, the tip and finger guard are aluminum, a material he said was very new in those day, the
1940s. In excellent condition. I have sen similar knives on 'Pawn Stars', TV series.
Instead of shipping, I would prefer
you pick the Knife up locally.
Contact me with any questions
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This is our new design that plainly states we are a
NO KILL group
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Land For Sale In Wadley, Alabama
Home of Alabama Bigfoot Society
Wadley is a small rural town located in East Central Alabama.  It is in the center of the triangle of Atlanta, Birmingham,
and Montgomery. 45 minutes north of Auburn University. And as you know from reading this site, it is in prime Bigfoot
Country. You can now move here or have a weekend getaway or more important, you can live on a piece of land that has
been detailed in one of our books where a Bigfoot walked past a bedroom window. Lot is located (1) block from Southern
Union College, (1) block from Wadley School.  It has  a Concrete Block Work Shop, All Utilities are connected. Has a
septic tank already installed.. Tired of the Big City fast lane life? Then come to the country, and relax for a change. You
can now see first hand some of the places we have talked about here, like Zana, only 10 miles south, the mystical,
magical, enchanted  forest land, and Horseshoe Bend, only 15 miles away and always filled with something paranormal.
Usually ghosts, you might get a glimpse of Red Eagle as he ride across The Holy Ground Area!!

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We Have A New Official Patch & T-Shirt Designs
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Great wearing , extra comfortable hat. 100% cotton. size L-XL
The Saloon Girl
The Book Inspired By Three Spirits
That Lived In Goldville, Alabama In
Gold Rush Days
From our You video,  
'Goldville, Alabama Miners
Monument..and more'
Written By Jim Smith
copyright 2016
Cover Illustration by Jim Smith

Book Will Be Personalized
To You
& Signed By Author
Just Received
Order Today !
For Men or Women
Sasquatch Jim - Alabama Bigfoot Society Cowboy Hat NEW!
This is a Brand New hat just like the one Sasquatch Jim wears.  NEW
100% wool.
Made by Justin. 2X Quality. Lined, Leather sweat band. Leather hat
band with silver studs. 3 3/4 inch brim, 5 inch Cattleman crown.

Sizes...7,  7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3//8

Brim will be hand shaped by Sasquatch Jim as pictured unless you  
specify to leave it in factory shape.

Great looking, great wearing Hat!
Order yours TODAY
Plus $9.00
We're Always Adding Something
Size 7
Size 7 1/8
Size 7 1/4
Size 7 3/8
Alabama Bigfoot Society
Khaki Cap
Adjustable.. One size fits all..
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Alabama Bigfoot Society
Newly Designed  T- Shirts
Our Shadow Regions
T Shirts  Will Be  On Here
Just as soon as I get one to our model
Close up..
Artwork copyrighted by Jim Smith
Alabama Bigfoot Society
Camo - Cap
Adjustable.. One size fits all..
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$22.84  Total